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MKU Rwanda Rebrands To Mount Kigali University After Receiving Charter

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Mount Kenya University’s Kigali Campus – MKU Rwanda – has rebranded to Mount Kigali University after receiving a charter from the Government of Rwanda. The private university, which has roots in Kenya and boasts more than 6,000 students, has joined the league of fully-fledged universities Rwanda, one of the fastest growing economies in East Africa.

The university charter comes over a decade since MKU launched its programmes in Kigali, but the journey to become an independent entity began in 2018. This milestone was announced on Friday by the government of Rwanda through the office of the Prime Minister after a Cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame.

Kenya has a more developed higher education system in East Africa and has over the past decade been exporting education to the region. It has, however, not been easy for Kenyan public universities in Rwanda. Kenyatta University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUA) closed down after falling out with the higher education regulator in Kigali.

MKU Regional Marketing and Communications Director Henry Musisi said attaining autonomy marks a new beginning for MKU and will ease training and graduation. Kigali campus students had to travel to Kenya for graduation, given the campus was operating under MKU main campus in Thika.

“We are very grateful to the government of Rwanda for giving us a conducive environment to operate from and with Mount Kigali University now in place, we will continue to deepen our training and research investments in the School of Business, health training and research as well as in the hospitality and tourism sectors, with the key focus being on producing graduates with employability skills that are relevant to the market,” Mr Musisi said.

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Mount Kenya University, started by education investor Prof Simon Gicharu, has grown to become one of the prestigious institutions of higher learning in East Africa. The institution has expanded over the last decade and has several campuses in different parts of the region. Mount Kenya University Rwanda, now renamed Mount Kigali University, is famous for its courses that produce various qualified graduates who serve in various sectors of the economy.

Mount Kigali University started in 2010 with modest resources in the heart of the city of Kigali. So far, it has invested in modern buildings, libraries, laboratories, hostels, swimming pools and equipment. Mount Kenya University has greatly contributed to enhanced quality of teaching in Rwanda.

Degree courses

  1. Bachelor of Social Work and Administration.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Public Health.
  4. Bachelor of Development Studies.
  5. Bachelor of Environmental Science.
  6. Bachelor of Commerce. Bachelor of Business Information Technology(BBIT).
  7. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
  8. Bachelor of Business Management(BBM).
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.
  10. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  11. Bachelor of Pharmacy.
  12. Bachelor of Real Estate Management.
  13. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science.
  14. Bachelor of Education: Sciences and Arts.
  15. Bachelor of Education (Arts) English and Literature.
  16.  Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies(Primary Option or Community Development).
  17. Bachelor of Business Information Communication Technology (BBICT).
  18. Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration.
  19. Bachelor of Science in Counselling Psychology.
  20. Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies.
  21. Bachelor of Science in Information Science.
  22. Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tour Management.
  23. Bachelor of Electronic Business Information and Communication Technology (EBBICT).
  24. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation Studies.
  25. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Upgrading Programme.
  26. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies.
  27. Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Management.
  28. Bachelor of Arts in Education.
  29. Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.
  30. Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology (BACSM).
  31. Bachelor of Science in Education.

Masters Programmes

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  2. Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA).
  3. Master of Science in Hospitality Management.
  4. Master of Science in Public Health.
  5. Master of Science in Nursing Education.
  6. Master of Public Health.
  7. Master of Journalism and Media Studies.
  8. Master of Science in Information Science.
  9. Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychology.
  10. Master of Mathematics Education.
  11. Master of Arts in Law Enforcement and Administration.
  12. Master of Science in Procurement and Supplies Management.
  13. Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management.
  14. Master of Arts in Governance and Ethics.
  15. Master of Education. Master of Arts in Development Studies.
  16. Master of International Relations And Diplomacy.
  17. Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building.
  18. Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation.

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