Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. He has dismissed charges leveled against him as political.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has vowed to fight his a****t within the confines of the law after he was rounded up on Friday over c********n and money laundering a*********s.

In a lengthy statement on Facebook, Sonko scoffed at the accusations levelled against him by Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji claiming that they are politically motivated.

Sonko alleges that his refusal to play ball in the grabbing of a parcel of land in the city is the main reason behind his a****t.

Earlier, he was a******d in Voi with the Ethics and Anti Commission (EACC) stating that Sonko was attempting to escape.

A video clip which has now gone viral shows the governor resisting a****t while crying. The governor can be seen taking on the officers.

Below is his full statement on today’s occurrences.

Today morning, l learned of the a****t order issued by the Director of Public P*********n Noordin Haji against me and other officers in my administration.

I want to confidently state from the onset that I am more than ready for the lawful course that will help us know the truth.

As your leader, and an elected governor, l believe in total accountability, especially when it comes to management of public resources.

I have read word by word the statement from the DPP that details reasons for my a****t and nothing gives me more confidence than leafing through it, knowing very well we have the facts to dismantle this choreographed lies.

Given the fact that we are headed to court, I will not bother you with insights of what I believe is the real story against the shallow work from EACC and its accomplices in this mission.

I call upon my supporters and Nairobi residents in particular to be calm as I deal with this temporary insubordination.

I assure everyone that I shall not be intimidated and won’t be moved an inch into some political traps.

I stand for justice and I am more than ready for the court process where I will unleash my armoury against these conspirators.

As a matter of fact, my quest for justice that puts EACC on the spot over land grabbing will remain on course.

The facts will soon come out and you the public will make the right judgement.

Lastly, they didn’t have to a****t me.

Let the DPP or EACC tell me which court we are going to as soon as possible and I will be there on time.

Reports from EACC that l was a******d while trying to run away are another proof that the body is so much interested in playing politics.

Why would l run away? To where and to do what? I am a Kenyan who is always on the move doing what’s good for the people.

I was on my way to Mombasa to attend and close a workshop which was attended by my people.

I was overwhelmingly elected by Nairobians and have never skipped any EACC invite and those from other authorities.

We now have the platform we needed to shed more light on the issues raised.

Be calm. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. For justice will prevail.

In the meantime, I have ordered with immediate effect, investigations into a c****************g in Tasia area.

My people are on the ground to conduct p***e and rescue missions.

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