In the bandwagon of cloud storage, global electronics manufacturer LG has not been left behind as it has launched model classroom using virtual computers to lower the cost of IT in schools.

In partnership with Microsoft and Kenya Institute of Education (KIE), LG Electronics East and Central Africa Managing Director Mr. Josep Kim said that the cloud will allow connection to a central monitor 20 monitors via use of USB cable.

“The cloud works through a host PC which allows multiusers to simultaneously share one computer. Through USB cables, several computers can be connected to the host PC and be able to work from a centralized point,” said Mr Kim during the launch at KIE offices in Nairobi.

He said that this will minimize the cost of purchasing computers as one will only need an extra screen, mouse and keyboard and access data from the host PC. Besides, hardware maintenance and upgrade that will be required will only be for the host computer, lowering the maintenance cost.

Microsoft East and Southern Africa Regional Educational Manager Dr. Mark Matunga said that the partnership between Microsoft and LG will be extended to cut costs for educational institutions that have transferred the bulk of their IT activities to the cloud.

“The partnership between LG and Microsoft will last to give educators the tools and technology they need to prepare their students for success,” said Mr. Matunga.

KIE Director Mrs. Lydia Nzomo lauded the partnership adding that it will be incorporated under the curriculum Innovation Centre, an ongoing successful programme in the institute.

The partners announced their commitment to improve education services in Kenya and a pilot project by the launch of the Microsoft Virtual Class, a fully cloud- based learning experience leveraging Microsoft Cloud Technologies is live at the KIE.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, which facilitates the cloud, is a Windows-based solution to enable one host PC to be shared by multiple monitors while each monitor can serve as an independent computing session for users.

About the LG Cloud:

  • Connection with the host PC via Daisy Chain.
  • Reduced hardware acquisition costs- 35-50 % per PC.
  • Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 OS.
  • Deliver individual session and network from host PC only by USB cable.
  • Additional USB ports can be supported by USB hub.
  • Support private USB storage and HDD at each station.


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