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Lawyer Doing Big Business Selling Toys to Women

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Like many children, Beverly Munga’s dream was to get the best education, secure a well-paying job and live a happy life. She, in fact, was privileged to study law in the UK and after eight years graduated with masters in law.

But all was not rosy. Getting a job was hard, yet she had to pay bills and survive in Nairobi. Going back to her mother’s house was not an option, she says. Then Beverly decided to do the unthinkable: She ventured into a business – not selling shoes, handbags or weaves – but, of the things, sex toys. That’s how her company, G Spot Kenya, was born.

In separate video Interviews with Ghafla and Capital FM, Beverly narrates how she was desperate for a job, and of course money, but things never turned up well for her. She had to undertake an income-generating activity, she did not want to do what everybody else was doing.

“I wanted something unique,” she says in the interview. “I did not want to do what everyone does, like selling shoes, handbags and clothes. I had been to London for seven to eight years studying for my law degree, and when I came back I wanted do something. I thought to myself, why not sex toys,” explains Beverly.

When she started, she knew her main customers would be single ladies and men, lesbians and gay, but to her surprise she got more of married couples buying the sex toys.  “I have so many married couples who buy the toys,” says Beverly.

Some of the married men and women say they are not sexually satisfied by their partners, but are not willing to cheat on them. Others perceive intercourse with their partners as boring and monotonous, hence want to try something adventurous.

Another group consists of those who do not live with their partners, with some working in different geographical locations or even abroad.

Beverly, who calls herself the vibrating lawyer, terms the Coast as her hotbed of customers, where the demand of the products is very high. She uses social media and online marketing as her main avenue of marketing the products. However, she says her boldness enables her to explain her business to people, something most people shy away from in a country where sex talk is still taboo.

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As with any business, she faces challenges in marketing her products. “Sex is a taboo in Kenya and people are not willing to talk about it openly. Sex toys are termed as wrong and immoral, yet most people need them. The problem is that people are not willing to accept the reality. Whenever you talk about them you are an outcast to the society,” she says.

Both modern religion and African tradition are against the use of sex toys and masturbation as it breaks their moral norms. According to Law Society of Kenya programme officer, Harold Ayodo, there is no law in Kenya that prohibits the sale, distribution or circulation of sex toys. He adds that even in the Sexual Offence Act, there is nothing that touches on the sale of sex toys.

Morals vs business

“The law is silent on the issue of sex toys. But the law also states that there should be caution on the mode of display and selling to avoid the disturbance of public peace and breach of public morality,” says Ayodo in an article published by The Standard.

However, parcels containing sex toys are not allowed in to the country through the Kenya Postal Corporation courier services, according to courier services director, Elizabeth Mwaura. “I have confirmed with KRA that such parcels are prohibited into the country,” Ms Mwaura said while responding to a complain launched by a university lecturer, whose sex toy sent through the postal service was confiscated.

But that has not deterred Beverly from bringing them in to the country and satisfy the sexual desires of her clients. Through her website G-spot Kenya, you can order and buy what you want online and get it delivered to you.

Up close and personal

This is how Beverly described herself on her blog. “I am the Vibrating Lawyer everyone is talking about. My boss describes me as a nymphomaniac though i tend to disagree 100% (I wonder where he got that from).”

I sell pleasure in the name of sex  toys. I am a Vodka person. I love my dogs. I enjoy cooking. I love travelling. I love my bed more than I love some people. I love being in control. I am a party starter. I am not girly. I finish what I start. My job is to make you orgasm via vibrators.”

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