Gambling Regulations In Europe
Players may feel certain that they are playing at a trustworthy site without having to worry about losing money.

We can all agree that gamblíng is often looked down upon, and even considered taboo, since many people mistakenly believe that any and all kinds of gaming lead to compulsive behaviour. Neither the player nor the gamblìng sites benefit from this. Because of the rapid development of anti-fràud and anti-addìction measures in the online gamblíng industry, players may feel certain that they are playing at a trustworthy site without having to worry about losing money.

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Not surprisingly, authorities all around the world are always exploring new options for controlling the gaming industry to ensure the safety of gamblers at all times while empowering up-and-coming online casinos to set their own standards for customer protection. So, let’s take a look at how some European countries plan to revamp their g******g legislation and how it would affect the safety of both players and g******g sites.

Gamblíng regulations in Finland

Bonuses are strictly prohibited in Finland’s gaming industry, thus players from Finland who utilize sites run by Finnish operators will not be eligible for any kind of bonus or welcome offer. Although some casinos do not let bonuses of any kind to be deposited to a Finnish e-wallet, those Finnish players who want to play at sites outside of Finland will have the opportunity and ability to collect a bonus.

A rule prohibiting players from moving cash to a non-Finnish gamblíng site will be introduced by the Finnish government in 2023, further restricting gaming in Finland to state-owned gamblíng options only. Many Finnish gamers will likely turn to VPNs to continue playing in their usual stylish manner despite this new rule and regulation.

Gamblíng regulations in the UK

To operate a legal online casino in the United Kingdom, you need only get a Gamblíng License from the United Kingdom G******g Commission. If an online bookmaker is found to be operating illegally, they will be hit with hefty fines by the Commission. If the Gaming Commission determines that a casino is not handling its clients properly or is not following the restrictions established, it may immediately cancel the casino’s gamblíng license. Not only that, but the UK Gamblíng Commission has mandated that all online casinos and bookmakers in the country stop accepting credit card payments from customers beginning in 2020.

Gamblíng regulations in Norway

To scratch their gamblíng itches in the distant past of 2017, Norwegians might employ any up-and-coming bookmaker. It was shortly afterwards that the Norwegian government enacted a regulation allowing only Norsk Tipping to legally operate inside the country.

Adding insult to i****y, the Norwegian government has mandated that all financial institutions cease processing payments to offshore gamblíng and sports bettíng operations immediately. Fortunately, if Norwegians use an e-wallet, their credit card information will be converted, and gaming will continue as usual. Even though Norwegians are prohibited from signing up for accounts at offshore gamblíng sites, they are free to gamble and play anywhere they choose.

For an online casino to operate legally in Europe, it must be aware of the governing regulations to avoid crossing with the government.

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