A number of Kenyan firms have ventured into environment conservation as a business.

Many firms are now seeking to diversify from traditional business practices and are now considering untapped opportunities.

Kiambu county is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of this frenzy and has cut a niche for itself as a leading industrial hub as several manufacturing firms position themselves to set up industries in the area.

This is largely due to it’s proximity to the country’s capital city,Nairobi.

Different factors have contributed to making Kiambu  a great proposition for investors including ready construction space, ready human capital and a ready market for goods and services.

Thika and Ruiru Sub-Counties are bracing themselves for economic growth as different investors ready themselves to increase the number of manufacturing plants ranging from food processing, vehicle assembling, leather and metal manufacturing plants.

BURN Manufacturing designs, a company based in Ruiru, Kiambu County is leading the way in environmental conservation and as a result Kiambu has reaped the rewards.

The company produces and distributes Kenya’s bestselling, economical charcoal and wood cook stoves.

Speaking to Business Today, the company’s corporate communications coordinator, Ms. Nimo Nyambura says the company has sold 400,000 stoves since 2013.

Besides that, the company has made inroads in the region and the country at large after educating the public on the importance of clean energy.

“Our strategy is to make environmental friendly products. We emphasize on renewable energy like solar energy and by doing that we ensure that we reduce the reliance on charcoal/firewood by half,”

“We currently offer four products that contribute to our vision of a world where cooking saves lives and forests,” she reveals,” said Ms. Nyambura.

Given the recent logging bans and increased environmental conservation efforts with subsequent effects on charcoal supply and costs to end-user consumers, the manufacturer has introduced Jikokoa and Jikokoa Xtra.

These charcoal clean cook stoves reduce fuel expenses by more than 50 percent, which is especially pertinent in Jikokoa Xtra. The newest innovated stove is now Kenya’s largest, strongest and most durable charcoal Jiko.

Another of the company’s products , Kuniokoa, a fuel-efficient natural draft wood stove offers families a safe, clean and economical alternative to cooking with wood.

The manufacturer also launched BURN Kamata,  a suburbia gripper earlier this month. The company’s first accessory product.

BURN has on-the-ground operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and Somaliland, and has distribution experience in many other countries  across Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and Asia.



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