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Kenyan Company To Start Manufacturing High-Capacity Electric Buses

The 36-seat electric bus is designed to meet the demands of urban bus operations in Nairobi

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E-mobility company  BasiGo has announced the introduction of the E9 Kubwa, a 36-seater electric bus designed for the Kenyan market, with plans to have the models manufactured in Kenya starting later this year.

The first two E9 Kubwa buses have begun pilot testing with existing BasiGo customers, who include  Super Metro, OMA Services, Embassava, Citi Hoppa, Metro Trans and East Shuttle plying the Dandora route.

The E9 Kubwa seats 36 passengers with the option of  18 standing passengers. BasiGo has designed the E9 for urban bus operations where buses typically hold 33 to 41 passengers. The bus can be recharged in two hours at BasiGo’s DC fast charging depots and can drive up to 400km per day with a mid-day charge.

Like the K6 Electric Bus introduced by BasiGo last year, the E9 Kubwa features an upgraded passenger experience with leather seats, WiFi, CCTV cameras, and USB phone charging at every seat.

“We are proud to deliver the E9 Kubwa, an electric bus designed specifically for Nairobi’s PSV sector,” said Mr Jit Bhattacharya, BasiGo CEO. “This is a state-of-the-art electric bus that is cleaner for Nairobi, safer and more comfortable for passengers, and better value for PSV Operators.”

Mr Bhattacharya through BasiGo’s Pay-As-You-Drive financing model, they have made this bus accessible to all bus operators in the capital city. “And most importantly, every E9 Kubwa delivered by BasiGo will be manufactured here in Kenya starting later this year,” he added.

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Through its Pay-As-You-Drive financing model, BasiGo is offering the E9 Kubwa for a purchase price of Ksh7.5 Million and a mileage-based subscription of Ksh40 per kilometre for charging and maintenance provided by BasiGo.

BasiGo has also announced a new lease option, enabling owners to adopt the electric bus for a much lower upfront cost.  Each E9 Kubwa electric bus is expected to help Kenya reduce diesel consumption by 20,000 litres per year while also reducing CO2 emissions by 50 tonnes per year.

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BasiGo says it already has a growing reservation list for the E9 Kubwa from bus operators in Nairobi. Reservations require a refundable deposit of  Ksh10,000. Mr Bhattacharya said reservation is needed to hold a client’s position in the queue as production units of the E9 Kubwa become available.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, BasiGo offers modern electric buses along with charging and maintenance services for public service bus operators. In 2022, BasiGo became the first company to pilot test electric buses in Nairobi.

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Bill Yaura is a Correspondent for Business Today. He can be reached on email: [email protected]
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That kes 40 per kilometer a maintenance fee needs to be relooked at or explained. How much does a diesel fueled 36 seater in Nairobi incur as running cost per kilometer? Just thinking but all the same electric electric is the way to go for greener environment.


How much is this 36 seater electric bus?