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Inside Ruto’s Multi-Billion Chicken Empire

Yegen Farms is one of the most important ventures in Ruto's portfolio

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Located in his Sugoi backyard in Uasin Gishu, Yegen Farms is one of President William Ruto’s biggest and most important ventures. The agribusiness operation is one of the biggest players in the commercial poultry space in Kenya, lining up with the President’s ‘chicken seller’ narrative that helped endear him to voters in the 2022 elections.

Ruto has on multiple occasions claimed that he got his start in business selling chicken, dismissing allegations of involvement in graft during his days as an official of the infamous YK92 group, which was accused of deploying bribery and violence as they campaigned for the late authoritarian President Daniel Arap Moi.

Today, Ruto has risen the ranks not just in politics but business as well. His investments are spread across sectors including real estate, stocks, insurance and agriculture. Yegen Farms is one of several agribusiness ventures he operates, with others including Koilel Farms.

Notably, however, Yegen is Ruto’s biggest commercial poultry operation. The company has sealed partnerships with key international players in poultry allowing it to deploy cutting edge technology and standards across its operations.

Yegen Farms operates one of Kenya’s largest commercial hatcheries. It also has a partnership in place with IndBro – one of India’s top poultry research and breeding firms, which exports breeding stocks around the world.

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Yegen is a major supplier of poultry products including eggs organizations and institutions across the country, including hotels and educational institutions.

First Lady Rachel Ruto has also been involved in distribution of commercial chicks from Yegen Farms through her Joyful Women (JOYWO) women’s organisation in Kenya. JOYWO has a particularly vibrant presence in the North Rift, Ruto’s political bastion.

When facing questions on the origins of his wealth in the run up to the 2022 elections, Ruto stated that he sells eggs worth Ksh1.5 million per day – translating to Ksh547 million in annual revenue, which is more than the annual revenue of some companies listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). He also stated that he rears 200,000 chickens.

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  1. Yours is purely based on nothing else but political emotions and your hatred for Ruto. Fortunately, facts are facts and they do not respect people’s opinions or emotions.
    If you are asked:
    1). How eggs does Kenchic produce per day?
    2). Have you ever visited any of Ruto’s farms?

    I am sure the answers are “I do not know” and “No”, respectively. That should silence you.

  2. Mr. President, if you need an extra hand in any of your farms, Im very much available. Hapo kuna kazi kwa vijana. Ama namna gani? Otherwise excellent work.

  3. Always remain the fact that successful people come from far..the husltle is clean motivating, yes” there is always possibility open doors of rising,,Mr Ruto is intelligent and hardworking..watu wafuate “Nyayo”


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