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Kenya-US Free Trade Agreement Details Expected in Days

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Never in Kenya’s history has what is happening now been witnessed.

Political enemies who have led to chaos in the country are now best of friends leading to some Kenyans questioning the legitimacy of the decisions they make when voting.

With President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga now best of friends on the political scene, questions abound as to what is next for this great country. Many say and feel that Kenya is headed in the wrong direction at a breakneck speed.

For starters, the two left for the US soon after attending a UB40 concert in Nairobi where they were in high spirits. The new found love for both could be a replica of what was for the senior Kenyatta and Odinga. Only time will tell.

National Prayer Breakfast Meeting

The two are in the US for the 68th US National Prayer Breakfast Meeting, according to Spokesperson Kanze Dena-Mararo.

Kanze says that Kenyatta will be attending the prayer breakfast meeting slated for February 5th to 6th 2020 at the invitation of the US Congress.

Themed “Reconciliation, Faith and Peace Building” this meeting is organized by the Fellowship Foundation in Washington DC.

The event will see over 2,000 international guests attending including political and business leaders, the US Congress, members of the diplomatic corps and religious leaders.

According to Kanze, Kenyatta and Raila have been invited to speak at an international luncheon that will precede the Prayer Breakfast.

“Part of the reason the President and the former PM have been invited to attend the US national prayer breakfast is their demonstrated commitment to peaceful and constructive resolution of internal conflicts in Africa, particularly the example the government of Kenya has set in deepening democratic values, rule of law and inclusive pro-poor development-friendly policies,” stated Kanze.

Time for Business

The American foreign policy towards Africa has recently shown a positive shift in favour of African countries that have demonstrated strong democratic credentials that project an image of long-term internal stability.

This is considered a critical factor that resonates with the policy of encouraging American companies to increase their investment portfolios in Africa in priority sectors that will generate decent jobs for the youth, reduce poverty and spur economic growth.

Kenya is working closely with the US government in crafting a trading arrangement that guarantees continued market access for Kenya’s products in the US market after the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) comes to an end in 2025.

Under AGOA Kenya enjoys Duty-Free Quota Free access to the US market, making the US Kenya’s 3rd largest export destination.

Kenya-Us Free Trade Agreement

While in Washington DC, Kenyatta is expected to hold bilateral meetings with senior US government officials and the private sector.

During meetings with American business membership groups, President Kenyatta will be expected to pitch for Kenya as an ideal business, investment and tourism destination.

The President will also engage with the US congress, Chairmen of Finance, Defense and Foreign Relations Committees.

In August 2018, at a meeting between President Trump and President Kenyatta in Washington DC, a technical working group was established to promote trade and economic relations between Kenya and US.

President Kenyatta’s visit to the US to attend this year’s US national prayer breakfast will also see the group convene.

This will be the 3rd meeting of the technical working group that oscillates between Nairobi and Washington DC.

It is expected that at the end of the technical working group meeting, a joint statement will be issued announcing the commencement of negotiations geared towards a new Kenya-US free trade agreement.

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