KBL Head of Spirits Anne Joy Muhoro (Middle), in company of KBL Senior Brand Manager Spirits Walter Githongo (Left) and KBL Head of Commercial Finance Mureithi David hold their Kenya Cane cocktail glasses high in a vibrant night of the launch of the Kenya Cane commercial promotion at the Villagers inn in Uthiru. The 2nd phase of the National Consumer Promotion dubbed Shangilia Hustler Ya Kenya Campaign will see 24,000 Kenyans get a chance to win grand prize of Ksh 100,000.00.

Kenya Cane has unveiled “Shangilia Hustle Ya Kenya”, a national consumer promotion that will see 24,000 Kenyans get a chance to win various prizes.

The 12-week campaign, the second phase of an initiative launched last year to boost upcoming businesses, will see 20 lucky consumers win Ksh 100,000 worth of merchandise to support their “hustle” and another 24,000 lucky winners win instant cash prizes .

Speaking during the launch of the campaign, Kenya Breweries Limited Head of Spirits Annjoy Muhoro said: “Kenyans are known for their creativity, defying the odds by setting up their own businesses, “hustles” to make ends meet. It is with this in mind that we came up with this campaign to elevate these businesses to help our consumer’s transition to the next level.”

To participate, consumers will be required to buy participating Kenya Cane bottle (Kenya Cane, Kenya Cane Coconut and Kenya Cane Citrus) of 250ml, 350ml and 750 ml. Scratch the panel on the bottle to reveal the seven-digit alphanumeric code then text the code to 21199. Participants will then be required to register for the promotion where they will be eligible to participate and submit their hustle stories.

The most inspirational hustle stories will be aired on radio stations across the country and listeners will get to vote for the best two hustle stories per region. If an entrant’s story catches the most attention of the listeners and inspires others, it will boost their chances of walking away with grand prize of Ksh 100,000 worth of merchandise.

“This campaign demonstrates Kenya Cane’s motto of celebrating everyday success no matter how big or small. We recognize and celebrate Kenyans who wake up every day make their mark in the world,” Ms Muhoro added.

The promotion comes at a time the spirits category had a growth of 7% in 2018 full year financial results compared to the previous year. Kenya Cane has tremendously grown and is currently leading in its category due to the continuous customer loyalty over the years and innovation of the brand.

During the previous phase of “Wakilisha Hustle Campaign”, 20 entrepreneurs from various regions across the country who were selected by their peers, won Ksh 50,000 worth of merchandise in the form of equipment and stock to boost their business.One of the most inspiring past winner was a milk vendor from Litein Town in Kericho County, who through the reward received from Kenya Cane, currently supplies an average of 100 litres of milk a day up from 60 litres.


In the second phase of this campaign the grand prize has been increased to Ksh 100,000 as well as a Limited Edition bottle. This is in celebration of the country marking 55 years of independence on December 12th of this year.



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