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Problem With Kenyans Is Not Money, But How To Manage It

KBA launches financial literacy campaign to promote savings culture

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Players from various sectors have launched a public awareness campaign aimed at fostering saving among Kenyans. The campaign is part of the wider strategic engagements geared towards promoting and enhancing financial literacy in Kenya, especially so among young people.

Through the campaign dubbed ‘Banking Industry Financial Literacy Campaign 2023’, partners seek to educate the public on appropriate measures to enhance personal financial wellness and build their capacity to access funds for enterprise development.

Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Dr Patrick Njoroge, who was chief guest, emphasized the critical role of financial literacy in driving economic growth and stability. Dr Njoroge noted that Kenya’s financial ecosystem has transformed in the last decade from the traditional brick and mortar to an elaborate always-on ecosystem.

“As the banking industry, we are interested in promoting financial literacy because it is about lifting the population and giving them tools to achieve this. Financial literacy is not only about understanding money; it is about understanding oneself and the impact of financial decisions on one’s future,” said Dr Njoroge.

He said empowering the youth with knowledge on how to handle their finances in an effective way of building a resilient and prosperous nation.

Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) CEO Dr Habil Olaka said the industry recognizes the challenges faced majority of people, and especially the youth, in managing finances effectively. “Through this campaign, we are committed to providing them with the tools and resources they need to develop a savings culture and make sound financial choices,” Dr Olaka said.

This campaign also seeks to bank on savings as a pathway to access credit for both personal and enterprise development.

Visa Country Manager Ms. Eva Ngigi-Sarwari said financial literacy is the gateway to economic empowerment, and plays a vital role in building a prosperous society.

“For over six decades, Visa has been at the forefront of driving financial inclusion through innovative payment solutions, but we know that financial inclusion extends beyond access to payment solutions. It encompasses financial education and that is why we are committed to programs such as the one being unveiled today,” she said.

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AfricaNenda Chief Executive Officer, Dr Robert Ochola, noted that promoting financial education can aid efforts towards more financial inclusion.

The month-long campaign, conducted under the theme “Nurturing a Savings Culture: Securing Tomorrow Today,’’ seeks to complement the banking industry’s ongoing #BeAlert or #KaaChonjo! Card, Online, and Mobile Safety Awareness Campaign, which focus on consumer-led fraud prevention.

Partners in the initiative include Visa, Mastercard, AfricaNenda, Sybrin, PesaLink, Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, Retail Trade Association of Kenya, Consumer Grassroots Association and Association of Microfinance Banks- Kenya.

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