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Problem With Kenyans Is Not Money, But How To Manage It

KBA says Knowledge on how to handle their finances in an effective way of building a resilient and prosperous nation.

CBK Takes Baby Steps Towards Launch Of a Digital Currency

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Dr Patrick Njoroge, says CBDCs can slash the time needed for cross border payments in addition to cutting costs significantly.

Central Bank Rate Retained At 7% To Keep Stimulating The Economy

The decision to keep the benchmark Central Bank Rate interest rate at 7% after the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on 28th July was largely based on the fact that leading indicators for Kenya’s economy point to a relatively strong GDP recovery in the first half of 2021, mainly supported by strong performance of construction, information and communication, education and real estate.

CBK Retains Benchmark Rate At 7%, Signaling Economic Recovery

Central Bank Rate: The Central Bank of Kenya has retained its benchmark rate at 7%, signaling confidence in the prevailing monetary policy as the...

CBK Governor on Harnessing the Promise of Digital Finance

Harnessing digitalization to develop a citizen-centric financial system to accelerate financing for the SDGs requires the development of digital financing ecosystems

CBK Quest for Lower Interest Rates Signals Tough Times Ahead

With the economy slowing further, choked by the Covid-19 pandemic, it will take more than lowering the signal rate to excite credit markets.

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Safaricom Reveals Strategic Secrets at Ethiopia Investor Day

Safaricom PLC on Saturday 22nd Feb 2023 held its second investor day in Addis Ababa, providing an opportunity for the investment community to gain insights into the company's achievements and future plans as well as see the progress so far in Ethiopia rollout.

Safaricom Investment Co-operative Pays Out Sh142.4 Million

Safaricom Investment Co-operative shareholders have approved a ksh142.4 million rebate payout during the 15th Annual General Meeting.

Firms Announce Merger Deal to Expand Services

Dalberg Implement, a leader in on-the-ground program implementation with vast expertise in strategy execution, and Axum, an Afrocentric impact firm dedicated to fostering inclusive growth across the Global South, have announced a merger.

Odibets Launches Mega Water Project In Makueni

Odi Mtaani Foundation by online betting company Odibets, in...