New customers on Jumia will have the chance to buy Amaize unga brand for only one shilling during the ‘Try Jumia for Free’ campaign between the 18th– 24th June, 2018 and have it delivered for Free in Nairobi.

“Our ‘Try Jumia for Free’ campaign is in line with the government’s initiative to create awareness in e-commerce sites such as Jumia. We recognise the strength of this initiative and as a result have made it possible for 10,000 customers to experience an online order for the first time for only 1 bob,” said Jumia Managing Director Sam Chappatte.

As more people continue to embrace online shopping for their day-to-day home supplies, the campaign is aimed at eliminating the perceived online buying barriers. New customers can experience a seamless online shopping experience basically free. Existing customers in major towns across the country will also benefit from free delivery all week.

Jumia says it continues to grow its market share in the everyday essentials category, as fast moving consumer goods continue to expand. According to figures published by Jumia, the category has the highest share of repeat purchases out of any on Jumia.


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