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Inside Ababu Namwamba’s Multi-Million Resort

Namwamba places his net worth at Ksh425 million

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Sports and Culture Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba is one of Kenya’s most recognizable politicians. During his vetting by Parliament after being nominated for the CS role by President William Ruto, Namwamba placed his net worth at Ksh425 million.

He noted that he owned homes in Busia and Nairobi, shares in companies including Safaricom, two vehicles including a Range Rover and a Jeep Wrangler, and two boats. Namwamba is also the owner of Che’s Bay Beach Resort, a picturesque hotel that sits between Singwe and Mwita Fubu Hills in Busia county on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Besides offering great views of Lake Victoria, the resort also offers great views and access to a number of islands on Lake Victoria, including birdwatching haven Nabaduma Island and Sigulu island on the Ugandan side. Che’s Bay resort has speedboats that can ferry guests to various islands.

The view of Lake Victoria at Che's Bay Beach Resort. The resort is owned by Sports CS Ababu Namwamba. [Photo/ Che's Bay]
The view of Lake Victoria at Che’s Bay Beach Resort. The resort is owned by Sports CS Ababu Namwamba. [Photo/ Che’s Bay]
It also offers a range of activities for guests, including kayaking, boat rides, beach sports, jet ski riding, and a play zone for children. The resort notably also hosts events including team building, weddings and the annual Isambo Beach Carnival – a festival style celebration with music, food and games among other activities.

A boat at Che's Bay Resort. [Photo/ Che's Bay]
A boat at Che’s Bay Resort. [Photo/ Che’s Bay]
Guests at the resort have the option of either staying in cabins, rooms or camping tents. “I consider myself sustained. If you measure wealth in terms of material acquisition…in terms of a home like this…or the form of a car like the Range Rover parked down here or whether you have a residence,” Ababu disclosed in a past interview, with Viu Sasa.

“If you measure wealth by those material factors or yardsticks then yeah, you’d say I have sufficient to live on and to give my family and myself a comfortable living. If that is being wealthy then I thank God, that is a blessing.”

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