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Inooro TV production manager faces rebellion

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The recent staff reorganisation at Royal Media Services has sparked infighting that now threatens to sink its Kikuyu language television start up, Inooro TV.

Production Manager Catherine Wamuyu, formerly the producer of Tahidi High that airs on sister station Citizen TV, is being accused of harassing freelance programme producers, who are now said to be closely watching the planned launch of Kameme TV by Mediamax Networks Ltd with the intention of jumping ship.

Kameme TV, whose launch was initially planned for last year, is now tentatively scheduled for August this year.

Ms Wamuyu, who is seen to be close to Chief Operating Officer Farida Karoney, is said to have fallen out with Head of TV at RMS Latifa Ngunjiri, who was in charge of Inooro TV programming until Wamuyu’s recent appointment.

Among the popular programmes on Inooro TV are Medical show “Dagitari”, drama series called “Gaterina” and the “Mwingangaro” music show.

The standoff has demoralised freelance producers who complain that their contribution is not being appreciated despite helping Inooro TV overtake more established rivals such as KBC Channel One and K24 television in ratings in a span of months.

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Sir. V

I happen to be a beneficiary of the Inooro TV initiative but truth be told, with the wrangles the people really suffering are the small people. This being the crew and actors. This people have dedicated a lot of time to the production of this shows and even encouraged a few to purchase equipment making extra cash on the side. ( Note that many of this ACTORS and CREW are paid below industry rates) Unfortunately they can’t complain because they aren’t really recognized in the contribution. Apart from being paid peanuts the cash delays up to 3 months for some, so to receive a cheque that can barely scratch the surfaces of things in this economy is like a drop in the ocean.

Now with Wamuyu planned cancellation of a number of shows (According to HER explanation IT was to get rid of cartels within royal media .) This is a good move but in so doing she has rendered more than 300 people jobless(As far as Inooro TV is concerned anyway). The unfortunate part is that some of this shows that won’t be airing have good ratings and followers. For many her act isn’t for the greater good but a personal vendetta against a few but it has a domino effect.

So to Catherine Wamuyu. Go down to the grass roots and see what damage you are causing. The cancellation and delay of payments will cost the station as it’s ambassadors out here have little good to say. Cause now we have people that have provided content being kicked out of their houses yet they dedicate hours to making Royal Media money.

Bored Victim.

Sophia Wambui

I am a regular fun of Khum Khum Bagya and my concern is that you give a very short time. Can you give it a little more time please