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IEBC Portal, Rigathi Gachagua, Martha Karua Among Most Searched Phrases In 2022

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Google has released top trending Google Searches in 2022 showing Kenyans looked for information about general elections, movies, educatįon, health, sports, local and global politics.

The trending Google Search Trends also reveal top-10 searches on general knowledge information on ‘what is’ and ‘how-to’ queries on health, tech and general issues.

“Google’s 2022 Year in Search lists the moments, people, topics, events, and places that captured Kenyans’ attention during the year. Especially off the back of an election, we saw people come to Google Search to find answers to their biggest questions,” Ms Sharon Machira,  Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager in Kenya, said.

IEBC Portal which was used to display the presidential results in the 2022 General Elections topped the general trending searches. Kenyans searched for the portal to follow the results as they streamed in from the polling stations as they were eager to know who their next president would be. Kenyans’ love for football dominated the Trends with World Cup 2022 Fixtures and AFCON emerging the second and third trending general queries.

Kenyans sought to know the countries that qualified for both the World Cup and AFCON and how they were paired. They searched to know the fixtures, and results of their favourite teams as they followed the tournaments. Other queries were KNEC Portal which is used to check primary and secondary national results, KUCCPS Portal which are used for university admission applications, and the online social multiplayer game Pakakumi. The top ten list of the general trending searches is closed by Climate Change, COVID-19 Registry, and the Russįa-Ukraįne Conflįct.

Mosts searches were on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua dominated the Trending Local Personalities category, Azimio La Umoja Deputy Presidential candidate Martha Karua, Root’s Party presidential flag bearer Professor George Wajackoyah, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Educatįon Cabinet secretary Ezekiel Machogu. Searches were also made on  IEBC vice chair Juliana Cherera, IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati, nominated MP Sabina Chege and, 100m and 200m sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala, currently the African record holder and eight fastest man of all-time in the 100 metres after clocking a time of 9.77 on 18 September 2021 in Nairobi.

On the how-to category, Kenyans searched how to update Safaricom line, how to check KCSE results, how to check KCPE results, how to check their polling station online, how to buy KPLC tokens, how to make a marionette, how to register Airtel line, how to make a kite, and how to download form one admission letter.

In the Global Personalities category, Kenyans closely monitored information about Gabriel Jesus, Casemiro, Lisandro Martinez, Putįn, Jaden Smith, Simon Leviev, Will Smith, Erik Ten Hag, Rishi Sunak and Raphinha.

In the trending loss, the dęath of local and global personalities saw Kenyans seek more information about Queen Elizabeth, Mwai Kibaki, Takeoff, Osinachi Nwachukwu, Paul Gicheru, DJ Lithium, Kevin Samuels, Frank Obegi, Coolio and Ivana Trump. The top trending searches on Sports were AFCON, World Cup, UEFA Nations League, EPL Table, Ballon D’Or, Winter Paralympics, Commonwealth Games  Schedule, Carabao Cup, IPL and Community Shield.

The Search results on Movies and TV Shows category show Kenyans closely monitored Tinder Swindler, Zora, Sultana, Jeffrey Dahmer, House Of The Dragon, Stranger Things, Black Adam, Wakanda, The Terminal List and Inventing Anna.

In the Health category, Kenyans sought information on how to maintain facial health by controlling the type of food consumed, how to register for COVID vaccine, how to get pregnant fast, how to calculate BMI, how to register NHIF online, how to remove pimples naturally and permanently, how to gain weight in a week, how to treat UTI at home and how to grow hair faster naturally in a week and how to manage stress. Search on the dįseases category was on Monkeypox, Swine Flu, Alopecia, Moh Chanjo, Fournier Gangrene and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

On the Tech category, many Kenyans looked for information on how to update GB Whatsapp, How to delete a page in word, how to convert word document to pdf, how to clear cache, how to screenshot on Windows 10, how to pin location on Whatsapp, how to cast phone to TV, how to backup Whatsapp chats, how to delete Facebook account and how to download apps on laptop.

In the Music Lyrics category by various artists, Rush Lyrics, Tushangilie Kenya Lyrics, Sugarcane Remix Lyrics, Girlfriend Lyrics, Calm Down Lyrics, Finesse Lyrics, Overdosę Lyrics, Cough By Kizz Daniel Lyrics, For My Hand Lyrics and Love Nwantiti Lyrics.

Below are the full lists of Top 10 Trending Searches by Kenyans in 2022:

Trending – General

IEBC Portal
World Cup 2022 Fixtures
KNEC Portal
Kenya Elections 2022
Climate Change
COVID-19 Registry
Russįa-Ukrainę Conflict

Trending Local Personalities

Rigathi Gachagua
Martha Karua
George Wajackoyah
Johnson Sakaja
Kalonzo Musyoka
Ezekiel Machogu
Juliana Cherera
Wafula Chebukati
Sabina Chege
Ferdinand Omanyala

Trending Global Personalities

Gabriel Jesus
Lisandro Martinez
Jaden Smith
Simon Leviev
Will Smith
Erik Ten Hag
Rishi Sunak

Trending Loss

Queen Elizabeth
Mwai Kibaki
Osinachi Nwachukwu
Paul Gicheru
DJ Lithium
Kevin Samuels
Frank Obegi
Ivana Trump

Trending Sports

World Cup
UEFA Nations League
EPL Table
Ballon D’Or
Winter Paralympics
Commonwealth Games  Schedule
Carabao Cup
Community Shield

Trending Movies & TV Shows

Tinder Swindler
Jeffrey Dahmer
House Of The Dragon
Stranger Things
Black Adam
The Terminal List
Inventing Anna

Trending What is

What is innovative gardening?
What is form 34A?
What is happening in Ukraine?
What is NATŎ?
What is freemason?
What is GMO?
What is state capture?
What is subsidy?
What is opaque?
What is coding?

Trending How To (General)

How to update Safaricom line
How to check KCSEresults
How to check KCPE results
How to check my polling station online
how to apply for a passport in kenya
How to buy KPLC tokens
How to make a marionette
How to register Airtel line
How to make a kite
How to download form one admission letter

Trending How To (Health)

How to maintain facial health by controlling the type of food consumed
How to register for COVID vaccine
How to get pregnant fast
How to calculate BMI
How to register NHIF online
How to remove pimples naturally and permanently
How to gain weight in a week
How to treat UTI at home
How to grow hair faster naturally in a week
How to make a water filter

Trending How To  (Tech)
How to update GB Whatsapp
How to delete a page in word
How to convert word document to pdf
How to clear cache
How to screenshot on Windows 10
How to pin location on Whatsapp
How to cast phone to TV
How to backup Whatsapp chats
How to delete Facebook account
How to download apps on laptop

Trending Lyrics
Rush Lyrics
Tushangilie Kenya Lyrics
Sugarcane Remix Lyrics
Girlfriend Lyrics
Calm Down Lyrics
Finesse Lyrics
Overdosę Lyrics
Cough By Kizz Daniel Lyrics
For My Hand Lyrics
Love Nwantiti Lyrics

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