catch taxi operations in Kenya
Catch is operated and owned by Africans and brings local creativity and insights to improve the experience of riders and drivers. [ Photo / Courtesy ]

Catch Taxi is the latest entrant into Kenya’s ride-hailing transport business. After a successful launch in Ethiopia, the company has started operations in Kenya – later Sudan and possibly West Africa. Through Kenya, it expects to use its Super App to assault the East African Market.

Catch has created a homegrown ride-hailing App that combines local talent and expertise to take on international players in the region such as Uber and Bolt, among others. It is operated and owned by Africans and brings local creativity and insights to improve the experience of riders and drivers to achieve safety, comfort and efficiency.

In line with the firm’s vision to create an App that captures local African needs, Catch Taxi promises to bring more affordable ride-hailing services in the Kenyan market. Nairobi is seen as Africa’s technological hub and a more mature market for ride-hailing compared to most cities in Africa.

Catch Taxi’s disruptive entry into the market will ensure strong earnings for its driver-partners. It also comes with an affiliate programme that allows third-party drivers, influencers, and ordinary individuals to make passive income.

Its business model is simple: Catch Taxi will get you where you want to go at the best prices, safely and comfortably. Whether you need to get where you’re going fast or looking to make money on your own schedule, Catch-taxi provides the best in class solution.

It charges its drivers a 15% commission for every trip, an attractive rate compared to others in the Kenyan market.

Catch driver Registration process

Registering as a Catch Taxi driver is easy. An interested driver with a well-functioning car requires the following items and steps on how to Register as a Driver on Catch Taxi

  • Driver’s passport size Image
  • National ID
  • A valid Police Clearance Certificate
  • Valid driver’s regular driving license
  • Driver’s NTSA PSV badge
  • Vehicle’s NTSA inspection sticker/report
  • Vehicle’s PSV insurance sticker
  • Vehicle Back photo
  •  Vehicle logbook/ Sales agreement.

Catch has an edge over the other apps. Among its advantages is the fact that the driver App provides an in-app wallet for the immediate withdrawal of their earnings through M-Pesa. By setting low commissions, Catch ensures that drivers earn higher earnings.

Catch driver affiliate partnership

At Catch, the true meaning of drivers being partners is manifested. Drivers enrolled as affiliates can earn up Ksh10,000 weekly in extra income depending on the number of rider referrals.

The earnings are made by the divers constantly by getting a percentage of the amount paid on a trip by the rider they referred. Simply, a driver refers a rider to join and make a trip with Catch. The driver receives a 1% earning on the total amount paid for every trip the rider makes.

How to Register as a Driver on Catch Taxi.

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