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How To Cash Out In Betika

Want to find out more about how the cash out function works? Read this guide and discover detailed instructions on how to cash out your bet at the Betika betting platform. 

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The world of sports bettìng is always unpredictable. Even with the most careful analysis of statistics and player experience, there is still a risk of making a mistake. Unexpected injurìes of the main players, bad luck on the field, and strange refereeing can leave their marks on the final result. Therefore, punters need the possibility of additional insurance. 

The Cash Out feature has become very useful because it allows you to return part of your bet when things don’t go the way you had planned. This feature appeared in the bettìng industry around the year 2011. However, not all bookmakers propose this function to bettors, but the Betika platform does. In this article, you will find out how to cash out in betika.

“Betika makes cashing out easy”, says Dipo Lukman, sports bettìng expert of Takebet.com. “However, only sporting events (e.g. some football matches) specifically picked by the bookie participate. You can cash out singles and accas, in prematch and live.”

By the way, if you need instructions on how to bet using the Betika bonus, then you should follow the link and you will uncover them there. You can also get to know top sports bettìng sites in Kenya on Takebet site, they constantly review valid and licensed bookmakers in the country to conduct a transparent and easy to use guide on the best companies for your leisure.

What is a cash out feature in Betika?

Cashout in bettìng allows you to withdraw your winnings ahead of schedule and insure against losing the entire amount. Thanks to the cash out option at the bookmaker, the player can receive a payout on the bet before the end of the event – either take the profit or cut the loss. 

Overall, there may be two cases in which cash out the offer will be really useful for you:

  • The match develops according to a favourable scenario and you take the profit before it ends. Then you will be given more than at the end of the match when you win the bet.
  • The match develops according to an unfavourable scenario, and you want to get at least partial cash out in order not to lose the whole stake. 

If you are not sure whether to take advantage of this function or not, here are its benefits:

  • the ability to reduce the loss
  • an opportunity to reduce potential loss with a risky bet. 
  • convenience: you do not need to spend time on calculations if you want to cash out a bet because your refund will be calculated automatically according to the odds.

If you want to find out how much money you will be able to get if you make use of this feature, there is a special formula for calculating it. It looks like the following: (A * (B – 1) – A * (C – 1)) / C where:

  • A – total bet size;
  • B – is the initial odds of the event;
  • C is the odds at the time of cashout.

Let’s consider an example. For instance, you want to bet on the Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea. The odds for the sport event is 2.2 and your stake amount is 10 USD.  As the meeting progressed, Liverpool took the lead, leading by the end of the first half. At this time, the odds for the specified outcome dropped to 1.5.

So, if you decide to cash out your punt at this point, you will get: (10 USD * (2.2 – 1) – 10 USD * (1.5 – 1)) / 1.5 = 4.6 USD. It turns out that in this situation you will receive 4.6 USD net profit as a result of the early cashout of the bet. Given the uncertainty of the final outcome of the match, this amount is a worthy reward.

All the necessary steps to cash out your bet in Betika 

If you want to make use of this function in Betika, you should take the following steps:

  • Visit the main bettìng site. 
  • Open your betika account.
  • Choose “Cash out” in filters to check the bets that are available for buyout. 
  • Click on the yellow button next to the punt that you want to cash out. 
  • The amount of money that you will get will be calculated automatically. 

Are there Terms and Conditions when cashing out your bet? 

What you should remember about this function in Betika is that your cashout amount is always less than the total potential win. Therefore, you will never withdraw the entire bet. Note that the cashout function is available both before the start of the event and in real time. However, for some kinds of bets such as bonus punts and free bets, a refund is not possible. 

When is it better to cash out? 

Here is a situation when you definitely need to cash out your punt. For example, you bet on Real Madrid in a match with Barcelona. You made a bet on the over 2.5 goals of Real Madrid at relatively high odds several days before the event. Then just before the start of the event, you discover that the best strikers will not play in the game. So, in such a case the chances of several goals in the match decrease significantly. That is why you had better use the cashout option to minimise your loss. 

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