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Here Comes Another DStv Price Increase

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DStv is getting another price increase. As part of the satellite digital TV service’s review of the economic outlook, DStv Kenya is expected to raise prices on its monthly plans – a move that should bring in even more revenue.

This MultiChoice-owned pay television provider last raised its prices in August 2023, meaning the hike is coming in less than a year. On Wednesday, the company notified all existing DStv subscribers in Kenya that their rates will be increasing from next month.

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“We would like to inform you that MultiChoice will be adjusting some of its DStv subscription prices effective 1st April 2024,” reads part of the notice.

Given how much MultiChoice Group has been spending on local content creation, especially in its other entertainment brand but a video-on-demand service with the most subscribers in Africa called Showmax, and the harsh economic conditions brought by the impact of the ever-swinging shilling against the US dollar, the move isn’t surprising, but the latest jump — anywhere from 5 to roughly 8 percent, depending on the subscription plan — is a bigger increase from the last revision of DStv prices. That’s going to trouble some consumers.

For instance, DStv Kenya’s most popular package, DStv Lite, which happens to be the cheapest, will get one of the largest increases, nearly 8% to Ksh700 a month, from Ksh650.

The Ksh1,300 per month price for DStv Access, the next subscription option after the basic plan, will remain unchanged, but the following DStv Family package will see a shoot by over 8%. The Ksh1,850-a-month plan will now cost Ksh2,000.

Users on its Ksh3,500 per month Compact package will now have to pay Ksh3,700, those paying Ksh6,200 per month for Compact Plus will have to pay Ksh6,500, and the prices for the high-end version, DStv Premium, which allows for simultaneous streaming, including free Showmax to access on-demand content and allowing subscribers to add Box Office for endless movies, will jump to Ksh10,500 a month from Ksh9,900.

Compare the old and new prices for every DStv package in Kenya through 2024;

No. DStv Kenya packages Current pricing New prices – updated
1. DStv Lite Ksh650 a month Ksh700 a month
2. DStv Access Ksh1,300 a month Ksh1,300 a month (No change)
3. DStv Family Ksh1,850 a month Ksh2,000 a month
4. DStv Compact Ksh3,500 a month Ksh3,700 a month
5. DStv Compact Plus Ksh6,200 a month Ksh6,500 a month
6. DStv Premium Ksh9,900 a month Ksh10,500 a month

Prices for some DStv add-on packages are going up as well, and subscribers will be expected to pay Ksh4,300 down from Ksh4,100 monthly to get French Plus, Great Wall Standalone will now cost Ksh810 per month from Ksh770, and the French Touch add-on will go for Ksh960/month from Kh920 after the price rise.

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