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Hard work pays: Here is how

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From childhood, we are always told that hard work is the key to success. Well, we work hard and never see the good results we hope for; we end up asking ourselves what went wrong, or is it that the lock to success changed, hence we can’t use hard work anymore?

After some time, we start hearing a new phrase: you need to work smart not work hard. I beg to defer and maintain that we need to work hard. By working hard, these are the elements that must be incorporated:

1. The Drive

This is the foundation whereby hard work is built. It is the motivation, the inspiration, the entire reason you work hard. This is the engine that pushes your efforts forward.

2. The Plan

This is the same as laying out a budget for your finances and plans. The plan maps out your course of action and helps plot your progress and keep you on track.

3. The Grind

The Grind is the point when working hard stops being fun and exciting and starts becoming tedious, stressful and perhaps even discouraging. How you handle the grind is often what separates the winners from the quitters. This is where most people let it go and totally lose focus. You need to keep to it.

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4. The Sacrifice

It is the point which makes hard work be truly hard. In order to attain any ambitious goal, you will require significant personal sacrifice. You must be ready to face the enduring strain in your relationships, finances and your comfort level is put to real test.

5. The Payoff

This is the epitome of hard work. It is like the crest where you get to the top. In order for hard work to be worthwhile, you have to define a number of goals and milestones and recognize when you’ve achieved them. And once you do, you have to up the stake and keep going.



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