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Google unveils intelligent products that talk and listen

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Google has launched a new product that is set  to turn the workplace technology upside down.

The Google Assistant – which does most of the tasks meant for Personal Assistants – was unveiled during a forum for journalists on ‘Magic in the Machine’ that focused on Machine Learning and its application in improving the processes.

During the forum, Google revealed its latest technology advancement – that it says will simplify human lives through artificial intelligence. The internet search giant said research on the human brain has advanced neuroscience in computer technology in the areas of image recognition, language translation, speech recognition, natural language understanding and voice search engine.

Principal Scientist who leads the Google team focusing on Machine Intelligence for mobile devices, Mr Blaise Aguera, Machine Learning  improves products Google offers for free, and “makes possible what was impossible just a few years ago.”

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The Google Assistant uses a variety of machine learning technologies to provide a better experience, from speech recognition to better ranking of information that comes back to answer questions.

The Google app on every smartphone – speech recognition turns the sounds into words (deep learning used to improve speech recognition by 25%), and natural language processing – helps understand what you mean. In the Google app (on Android, in US), 20% of searches are now by voice, and the Google app understands speech in 55 languages.

“In the 20th century mankind thrived upon inventing machinery to improve productivity that saw the invention and renaissance of industries,” he said. “However, in the 21st century the economy is going to grow through smart technology and artificial intelligence. This is a golden opportunity for young inventors to make their mark in history.”

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During the event, attendees experienced the practical application of Google’s Machine Learning experiments such as Quick Draw, AI Duet, voice search, image recognition and language translation. The idea behind the AI experiments is a showcase for simple experiments that let anyone play with this technology in hands-on ways, through pictures, drawings, language, music and more.

The forum drew attendance from software developers, technology reporters, bloggers and publishers from Kenya and Nigeria who expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for artificial intelligence and its impact on their use.

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