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Gaming Experience Recreating Mau Mau Battles With the British

Immersive gaming is growing in Kenya as more Kenyans seek out fun, exciting experiences

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Immersive gaming is growing in Kenya as more Kenyans seek out fun, exciting experiences. First Patriots is a paintball shooting experience recreating historical battles battles between Mau Mau freedom fighters and British colonial-era soldiers in Kenya.

It is tied into the Sounds of Freedom project, an audio film series presenting captivating Mau Mau tales based on real events. It follows young fighters going into the forests to join the Mau Mau.

Its creators envision First Patriots becoming ‘the most immersive cultural experience’ yet. The first edition is slated for Madaraka Day on June 1st.

On Madaraka Day, Kenyans celebrate the day the country attained self-rule, preceding full independence from the United Kingdom on 12 December 1963.

A First Patriots ticket unlocks episode one of the audio film series, tactical training, an hour-long gaming experience and leadership badges. The gaming experience has it all – playing either as a Mau Mau fighter or a homeguard – you’ll execute their military strategies capturing enemies and securing resources.

“We’re pushing the boundaries of creativity to ensure each experience puts you as the audience or the participant right at the centre of action,” revealed Mutana Gakuru from Africa Fiction Academy (AFA), one of the entities behind First Patriots.

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The gaming experience will be based on an action scene from the first episode of the audio film series. Future gaming experiences will also be centred on new episodes.

Sounds of Freedom has been showcased at Nairobi Design Week among other stages. The creators have plans to expand to offer more  experiences, including with Virtual Reality (VR).

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