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Kenyans to Feel the Pinch as Fuel Prices Rise in Latest Review

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You will spend more on fuel over the next month following the latest price revision by The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra).

In a public notice, Director-General Pavel Oimeke attributes the price hike to increased costs of fuel landing. The new prices will take effect on Thursday evening.

The November review covering the period between November 15 to December 14 shows that Super Petrol will now be retailing at Ksh110.59 in Nairobi following an increase of Ksh2.54.

A litre of Diesel will be retailing at Ksh104.61 in Nairobi following the alteration of the price upwards by Ksh2.65.

Small households have also been hit heavy by the changes with the price of Kerosene adjusting up by Ksh 2.98 in Nairobi to Ksh104.06

Residents living in far-flung regions across the country will have to fork out more with remote regions having to pay more due to increased costs of transportation.

For instance, in Mandera, a litre of Super Petrol will sell at Ksh123.44. A similar quantity of diesel will retail at Ksh117.47 while a similar unit of Kerosene will sell at Ksh116.92.

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According to Oimeke, the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increased by 0.86% to USD459.27 per cubic meter in September to USD463.24 per cubic meter in October.

Similar fees for diesel increased by 2.08% from USD491.94 per cubic meter to USD502.15 per cubic metre while Kerosene increased by 2.73% from USD486.55 per cubic meter to USD499.85 per cubic metre.

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Oimeke also attributes the price increase to the appreciation in exchange rates of the US dollar to Kenyan Shilling which ticked up by 0.23% from Ksh103.79 per USD in September to Ksh103.55 per USD in October 2019.

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