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Fastest Apps to Convert Safaricom Airtime to Cash in Kenya

There are apps you can use to convert Safaricom airtime to cash, which will be deposited into your M-Pesa account

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When you buy excess Safaricom airtime accidentally, most top-up platforms say it is irreversible, and you cannot convert airtime to cash. Also, sadly, Safaricom does not reverse erroneous airtime purchases from M-Pesa, even with a written request to return the amount.

Most people can make the mistake of entering the wrong amounts, which are usually higher, when purchasing airtime from M-Pesa, maybe because of inherent forgetfulness of the human condition with a mix of carelessness. What increases the chances of committing this error is because Safaricom airtime purchases from M-Pesa are not part of the transactions included in Hakikisha M-Pesa Reversal which include sending money, withdrawals and deposits from M-Pesa agents, pay bill transactions and buy goods transactions, meaning hardly can you adequately confirm Safaricom airtime purchases from M-Pesa through ‘pop up’ before completing the transfer.

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When you make this mistake, you might see that the end has come, especially when the money you used to buy the unneeded airtime was for an emergency, and you had no ready, dependable source. It is frustrating, but there’s hope!

Luckily, there are some apps you can use to convert Safaricom airtime to cash, which will be deposited back into your M-Pesa account after the conversion. Have a look at the fastest ones to download and use in 2024;

1. Dbs app

The Dbs app is one of the best mobile applications to help get back the money used to purchase Safaricom airtime quickly in less than a minute, hence convenient for emergencies.

Accepting from as low as Ksh50 up to Ksh50,000 airtime to cash conversions, you can do it on their website dbskenya.com or on Dbs Kenya Airtime To Mpesa app available on Google Play.

Their fees are 30% of the converted amount such that when you convert Ksh1000 worth of Safaricom airtime, you get Ksh700 on your Mpesa, Ksh350 when you convert Ksh500 credit airtime, and Ksh70 will be deposited in your Mpesa when you reverse Ksh100 to real money and so on.

The Dbs app stands out because you can convert Safaricom airtime to cash directly on their website.

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2. Teleswap

Think of the Teleswap app as your most preferred airtime to cash conversion tool in Kenya due to its small app size of merely 6MB, making it run your credit conversions faster on almost all mobile phones.

In one of its app reviews on Google Play, one user says, “It takes less than 5 minutes to receive the amount converted.”

To get started, download and install Teleswap first, open to access it, and on the homepage, go to ‘CONVERT AIRTIME TO CASH’ then enter the amount you wish to convert and follow the prompts to receive cash in your Mpesa wallet.

How to convert Safaricom airtime to cash fast

This app also has a 70% cashback, whereby 30% is their processing fees. It stands out because of its small size for speedy downloads and faster conversions of excess Safaricom recharge.

3. Olickhom app

If you have a Safaricom airtime balance that exceeds Ksh20 and does not pass Ksh10,000 and need money urgently to cover unexpected expenses and unpaid bills, the Olickhom Airtime to Mpesa app should have been installed already on your phone.

With the Olickhom app, converting airtime to Mpesa is seamless, a review of the app, in which customers get attractive rates of between 70-75% when converting Safaricom airtime to Mpesa cash, reads.

This app is active from 6 AM to 10 PM, after which converting airtime to cash is impossible.

How to convert airtime to cash in kenya


In conclusion, the just read are the fastest apps for converting Safaricom airtime to cash in Kenya for 2024, which may be considered the best based on app offerings, transparency and customer reviews. If you have any questions, reach out to respective app managers and customer service officers for help.

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