Echo International's Kenya office. The South African firm is looking to make an impact in the Kenyan market.
Echo International's Kenya office. The South African firm is looking to make an impact in the Kenyan market.

Renowned global ICT solutions company Echo International on Wednesday, April 28 launched into the Kenyan market through its local subsidiary Echo Kenya in an event hosted at its offices at West-End Towers in Nairobi Kenya.

The event was attended by disruptive thought leaders from the country’s private sector who included the Atlantica Ventures Partner Juliana Rotich, and National Housing Corporation Non-Executive Director Caroline Armstrong. These industry titans along with Echo Kenya’s COO Loren Bosch engaged in a provoking discussion, themed, “Reinventing new solutions for a fast-changing and dynamic business environment” on the changes taking place in the world of world, the frameworks necessary for making technology choices, and Echo Kenya’s unique approach in the design and deployment of appropriate solutions.

Echo International Kenya will offer cloud-based, ICT solutions with a focus on building partnerships with clients, which include corporates, enterprises, and multinational enterprises. Through these partnerships, Echo will help its clients seize new opportunities through the selection and implementation of the relevant technology to optimise their workforces and other resources in the ever-changing world of work.,

With a network of strategic partners spanning 44 countries, clientele will benefit from the widest coverage across Africa for every connectivity requirement including simple internet access, fibre, wireless, or VSAT (Very-Small-Aperture-Terminal) for remote areas; as well as managed multi-branch wide area network solutions across multiple territories. In addition to connectivity and software-defined network solutions, Echo also provides flexible and cost-effective IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)and Security offerings, enabling a smooth transition to cloud-based infrastructure for its clients.

Announcing the launch, Mr. Ken Munyi, the Managing Director at Echo International Kenya said that, “As a Pan-African Group, we are excited to launch first in the Kenyan market, Kenya continues to trailblaze in the adoption and application of technology solutions through a robust IT infrastructure and a progressive entrepreneurial population. Echo Kenya heralds a fresh approach to developing ICT solutions for B2B clients through a consultative process that will leverage its own capabilities as well an ecosystem of partners organisations, leaders in their fields of specialization.”

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To mark its entry into the Kenyan market Mr. Munyi, announced the launch of its ‘Superwan’ offering, a software-defined network solution, that is particularly suited for businesses with multiple branches and offices, focused on enhancing the client experience and for the first time in Kenya delivering up to a 100 percent guarantee on its Service Level Agreements, an interactive omnichannel platform where our clients will productively interact with us on a continuous basis. “Our goal is to understand the evolving business landscape and its effect on our clients’ businesses and relevantly orchestrate solutions that generate for them a competitive advantage, enabling them to thrive in their respective sectors.”

Jacques Rautenbach, Echo International’s Group Managing Director said, “I am proud of the Echo Kenya team and the work they have been doing to not only lead the ICT sector with future-ready solutions but doing so with the best talent in the market and within a future-ready workspace environment.”

Through its game-changing approach, Echo Kenya will now empower Kenyan entrepreneurs with solutions to compete at the same level with global markets, preparing the country for a future workspace that focuses on remote collaboration, distributed workforce, and enhanced productivity.

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