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DSTV has acquired the rights to broadcast ESPN 1 and ESPN 2. {Photo: Multichoice}

Pay Tv seems to be getting cheaper by the day with top brands scrambling for the few customers who are still hooked.

Many people have been snubbing Pay-TV choosing to use other alternatives that are proving to be competition to Pay-TV companies. Multichoice, a leader in the Pay-TV industry, has been extraordinarily reducing prices for its customers.

Last year, Multichoice dipped Compact and Compact plus prices on DSTV to Ksh 4500. The two packages were both priced at 5,500 before the price cut. These packages are suitable for use at home hence a great market for Multichoice as the packages are used by many Kenyans.More than any other package.

On Thursday, the company debuted an offer that will see the package prices remain constant but customers will be given access to more channels. This is an offer that builds on the previous price deep and is dubbed ‘Phase 2 of the Step-Up campaign’.

According to MultiChoice Kenya Managing Director, Nancy Matimu, the campaign’s objective is to thank valued DStv and GOtv customers for their continuous support and to reassure them of the company’s commitment to delivering the best entertainment experience in Kenya.

DSTV customers on Access, Family and Compact who pay for an upgrade to a higher package will be bumped up to an even higher package, at no extra cost. The Step Up and Boost offer will now give active and disconnected DStv customers on the Access, Family and Compact package an even higher viewer package when they upgrade from the package they currently subscribe to.

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Compact Plus customers will continue to have access to content on the Premium package during the offer period. The Step Up and Boost offer runs between 1st March to 30th April 2020.

“We understand that our viewers have experienced and enjoyed quality entertainment that sits on higher packages and there is an appetite to view more of the top-class content that DStv has on its platforms,” said Multichoice Kenya Managing Director, Nancy Matimu.

Compact Plus and Compact package users will still pay Ksh 4500 for their subscription but will access the premium packages. Family and Access packages, on the other hand, are priced Ksh 2500 and Ksh 1200 respectively with the latter accessing Compact and the former accessing Compact Plus.

With the Compact packages arguably the most famous ones, Multichoice aims to bring more people on board those packages. Offering to get customers the premium package when they buy any of the Compact packages is the strategy Multichoice has employed.

Premium is the most luxurious package as with it, customers get to watch all the channels broadcasted by Multichoice.

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  1. You are very wrong.Compact plus and compact are priced differently at 4500 and 2500 respectively.Family costs 1200 and access at 950

  2. Pay TV is almost at its death bed. Future is in internet TV. I however like what multichoice is doing with showmax. There lies the future

    • Many channels are miss in dstv cable. When you talk about sports and new. F. Movies they not their. Dstv is going backwards OK. And again we pay, we don’t see. # 6800 is a big money in Nigeria but still can’t watch so many lives sport’s. Not fair. Dstv Thanks

      • I use Access and my family love this most. I thank Dstv for prompt updates,clear pictures and its enjoyable. How do I step up my package?

  3. I stopped my subscriptions because of repeated programmes.
    Will think of re-connecting when I will hear things are better.
    Important to lis ten to customers.

  4. Let us have a pay as you watch bouquet as practiced in South Africa, because most people are usually not at home to watch this program s during the week because of work, when you pay for a month subscription, you are cut off on expiration whether you watch it or not which is truly not fair on us,let practice the pay as you watch type and see how it benefits us

  5. I use DStv Access for kes 2500 every month but I find that I can acres their programmes from a WiFi at the same amount and choose any programs offered way above the channels provide on that access offer. So people are sharing WiFi and using smart tvs’ are able to see programmes of choice and browse internet.

  6. Watching free movies online is one way we are able to stick to our budget each month. There are so many options for free movie streaming these days. thanks for this knowledge you have shared for us. I always appreciate everything.


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