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DStv Business SAT IP Model Reviving Guest Experience With HD Viewing

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As customers viewing experience and expectations change, the focus on video entertainment has moved to High Definition (HD) quality. Customers are increasingly demanding the same of commercial establishments such as hotels, guest houses, and hospitals where patrons expect in-room entertainment of the same standard.

In today’s world, viewers have different options to can access picture perfect HD quality service to all viewing points in a commercial network, but the high deployment costs have remained a barrier to many smaller establishments particularly multi-unit dwellings, guest houses and boutique hotels.

DStv Business has introduced the DStv SAT>IP connection which brings to the Kenyan market a more cost-effective and scalable solution which allows commercial establishments to access viewing in HD without having to incur high installation costs.

Although the concept of distributing linear television and other video sources of IP-based network infrastructure has been in existence for several years, these solutions have only been accessible to the high end of the market due to the high cost of deployment. Ensuring that the deployment meets the broadcasting criteria has left retailers and systems integrators with limited choice to avoid piracy and illegal content distribution. Most content providers have relied on third-party DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption system which has a high cost of deployment.

The DStv SAT>IP solution is not only scalable but also cost-effective for small deployments and highly secure due to the DRM used in the broadcasting of the content in this model. The business end of the solution consists of locally installed commercial-grade satellite antenna (dish) and distributed to 1 or more DStv SAT>IP servers via coaxial- or fibre optic cable.

The DStv SAT>IP server adds an IP transport layer to the digital satellite signal, allowing for linear satellite television services over a LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure. The network hardware does not require any specialized configuration making the deployment of the DStv SAT>IP network quick and easy to manage.

Each viewing point within the commercial establishment will be provided with a DStv HD Single View decoder which allows for a HDMI output directly to the television and provides each individual viewing point a remote control and individual user interface allowing multiple viewers to watch different channels in HD at the same time throughout the establishment.

The DStv Business SAT>IP network is highly recommended for guesthouses, small to medium hotels, lodges, boutique hotels, hospitals and other medical facilities, offices, banks and financial institutions, pubs, clubs and sports bars, gyms and shopping malls.

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SAT>IP will open your establishment to a world of HD sports on over 15 SuperSport channels including SS Grandstand, SS Football Plus, SS Football, SS EPL, SS La Liga, SS Variety 1, 2, 3 and 4, SS Blitz, 230 SS Action, SS Rugby, SS Cricket, SS Golf, SS Tennis and SS Motorsport in addition to 12 General Entertainment channels both standard installations using decoders and SATIP or IPTV. Internet Protocol Television offers the chance to streamline telephone, internet and DStv, on a single cabling.

Hotels should use accredited System Integrator for IPTV and SATIP solutions for a seamless integration of the solutions into your environment. Both standard installations using decoders and SATIP or IPTV – Internet Protocol Television offer the chance to streamline Telephone, Internet and DStv, on a single cabling.

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