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DCI Denies Summoning King Kaka As Top Lawyers Flirt With Blockbuster Case

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Just days after Kenyans waved behind popular rapper Kennedy Ombima alias ‘King Kaka’ for his hit Wajinga Nyinyi, the rapper claims to have been summoned by the DCI.

This is according to a tweet by the rapper who was already worrying about a lawsuit from Kirinyaga Governor Anner Waiguru. “I have been summoned by the CID,” the rapper tweeted on Tuesday.

However, DCI has denied summoning the rapper strongly condemning the false information being peddled through social media. After King Kaka’s tweet, activist Boniface Mwangi tweeted in his support having believed he was indeed summoned by DCI.

The song has received massive support from Kenyans who claimed that the artiste has spoken out their voice against graft and corruption. However, for Waiguru it was not good news as she was among those mentioned in the song.

She vowed to take King Kaka to court if he does not take down the song within 24 hours. The former Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning claims that King Kaka did not have proof for the allegations he directed to her in the spoken word piece.

However, this news does not come as a shock to King Kaka as he is sorted with a guardian angel, Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi. Through his twitter account, the lawyer affirmed that he will defend King Kaka in court for free if anyone dares to sue him.

The popular lawyer reaffirmed his promise shortly after Waiguru threatened to take the Hip Hop artiste to court. In a tweet, Ahmednassir said that the song did not defame anyone amongst the ruling elites.

Nelson Havi, another renowned lawyer, has also pledged to support the rapper free of charge if it comes to that. The popular lawyer affirmed his support of the artiste through his Twitter account page shortly before King Kaka announced that he was summoned by DCI.

In his seven-minute spoken-word piece, the artist used his skill to criticize Kenyans for being quick in forgetting cases of corruption and later elect the same implicated individuals to power. The artist included the NYS scandal in his piece during the helm of the current Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru.

King Kaka said that ‘the governor bought a biro pen at a cost of Sh8,000 which is locally sold at Sh20 and is now the governor’. The governor has threatened to sue him for defaming her in his song if he will not respond to the conditions given.

In a letter drafted by Kiragu Wathuta and Company Advocates, Waiguru argued that the song is reckless and malicious.

Further, King Kaka was instructed to:

  • Offer an apology to Waiguru
  • Write a full and unconditional admission of liability
  • Write a commitment not to release any further defamatory words against Waiguru

The artiste was also warned against redistribution of the song as it will result in a fresh defamatory action.

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