DCI chief George Kinoti addressing a past press briefing
DCI chief George Kinoti addressing a past press briefing

The Directorate of C******l Investigations (DCI) on Monday, November 23 announced the start of fresh investigations into cases from the 2007/08 Post Election V******e (PEV).

Addressing the press after meeting PEV v*****s at DCI Headquarters in Nairobi, DCI chief George Kinoti announced that they had registered 118 cases, complete with complainants and witnesses

“We have registered around 72 cases from those whose wives, husbands or children were k****d…We have recorded cases of some who were driven out of their homes…We have 118 cases in total registered today with complainants and witnesses,” he revealed.

Kinoti reiterated that c******l cases could never be closed, and noted that numerous PEV perpetrators escaped justice in questionable circumstances. He further claimed that the v*****s had received new threats.

“It’s not that in these cases people were not a******d. People were a******d. But where there were 40 perpetrators, you find only 7 were a******d at the time. So we ask ourselves, where are the 33?

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters in Nairobi
Directorate of C******l Investigations (DCI) headquarters in Nairobi

“Everything depends. If we have means to get the 33 to ensure that everyone who perpetrated this heinous e*******m faces the law, then we will go for the 33,” he asserted.

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Kinoti further stated that authorities were aware of some of the individuals who had driven Kenyans from their farms during the v******e, accusing them of “dancing on the graves” of v*****s of PEV which k****d at least 1,500.

He maintained that they would go after anyone benefitting from the v******e orchestrated 12 years ago.

Kinoti further referenced the horrific a***n a****k on Kiambaa Church in Uasin Gishu in which between 17 and 35 people were burnt to d***h inside a church at the height of the v******e.

He expressed confidence that courts in the country would effectively handle p*********n of the cases.

Leaders including President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto were charged with c****s against humanity at the International C******l Court (ICC) following the v******e, although the cases were eventually dropped.

“Our courts are very competent. Our p*********n is very competent. The entire c******l justice system, I am very sure they will stand with the tears and c****s of the v*****s.

“You are going to see it happening the moment we present these cases in court,” he stated.

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