Two young men have been awarded Ksh 20.8 million each for their impressive try of last week’s SportPesa Mega Jackpot, for correctly predicting the outcome of 16 out of the 17 games.

The two – Nickson Kibet and George Nzaku – were presented with their cheques at SportPesa offices in Nairobi as bonus for coming so close to clinching hundreds of millions in the Mega Jackpot.

According to Kibet, a person living with disability, he placed the winning bet last Saturday in the hopes of winning some cash to help in a funds drive for a child living with disability after hearing an appeal during a show aired on a­­­­­­­­ local vernacular radio station.

“I just quietly said a prayer, asking for means to help such people, my prayers were heard and I intend to keep my promise by first sending some money to support that child,” said Kibet.

Kibet who visited SportPesa offices in Nairobi on Tuesday, a day recognised globally as World Polio Day, urged more people of means to help the disabled live decently.

He won Ksh20,834,231 for correctly predicting the outcomes of 16 out of 17 matches in the Mega Jackpot. He was one of the two people who won a similar amount for coming so close to winning the Ksh161,751,194 on offer in last week’s Mega Jackpot.

Nzaku, a shop proprietor in Machakos, said he will use his winning to expand his business to a wholesale shop and build a home for his family among other investments.

“I was introduced to SportPesa by a friend in July and I still cannot believe that I have won this big so soon. I am so happy,” said 28-year old Nzaku.

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The SportPesa Mega Jackpot was launched in September last year and starts at KSh 100 million which rises every week until won when a gamer correctly predicts the outcome of 17 football matches.

It has only been won twice in the company’s history – the first win was by Samuel Abisai, 28, who won a record payout of Ksh221,331,602 on April 30while three other winners shared a Mega Jackpot amount of Ksh111,176,374 a month later.

Abisai has since his win expanded his clothing design and tailoring business as well as improved the welfare of his family members.

​This week’s Mega Jackpot stands at Ksh165,147,919. The 17 games for this week’s Mega Jackpot kick off on Saturday at 7.30pm and include matches such as Crsytal Palace versus West Ham, Lille versus Marseille and Sunderland versus Bristol City among others.


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