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Citizen’s 10 Over 10 Content on the Receiving End of a Public Outcry

Willis Raburu hosted show dubbed 10 Over 10 has raised contrasted opinions over the years concerning the kind of content aired.

The show has been airing on Citizen TV for the past few years and has severally raised eyebrows with some specific content. The entertainment show basically characterizes a group of young individuals dancing around a podium as top musicians perform their songs.

Willis Raburu, the host, also asks these musicians some questions just to bring in the interview aspect into the show. However, truth be told, the show is 90% dancing and performances which makes it more of a party than a TV Show.

However, what has brought contrasting opinions about the show is not the dancing and the musician performances but the levels of nudity displayed o the show. Sometimes it will be the musicians and sometimes it will be the dancers. In a number of times, members of the audience could jump on the stage to twerk and/or grind on each other.

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) Chairman Ezekiel Mutua once defended the show saying it is aired out of the watershed hours. According to an article done by Citizen TV digital, Mutua said that there is nothing he could do about the show because it is not under his jurisdiction to do so.

“Strictly speaking, it comes out of the watershed hours; it is not within my gumboots. There is nothing I can do about 10 over 10,” he said as quoted by Citizen TV digital.

Petition for Cancellation

Continued efforts by parents to limit the levels of nudity and vulgar language in the show have bore no fruits. On Wednesday, Kenyans on Twitter raised awareness about the kind of content aired on the show. Some of the pictures from the show that were shared on social media cannot be shared in this article.

A petition supposedly by one Anne Kioko has been doing rounds on social media asking people to sign and have the show canceled. Apparently, Kioko who is the African campaign director for Citizen Go was denied entry to present her petition to Royal Media Services head Wachira Waruru.

The letter Anne Kioko wanted to present to Royal Media Services’ Managing Director.

Kioko opened the petition page on the grounds that 10 over 10 was airing pornographic content. After she got the 21,000 signatures she was looking for, she matched to royal media services to present it to the media house’s top man.

According to reports, she was denied entry into the media house’s premises. Kioko with her colleagues claim that the show should not have to contain pornographic content in order to get a following.

In her petition, Kioko described 10 over 10 host Willis Raburu as rowdy who hosts half-naked artistes who further lead the teenagers into provocative dances.


10 Over 10 Paid Audiences

Business Today understands that most of the people who attend the show as the audience are each paid Sh 500. Most of the young individuals who attend the show hail from the likes of Kayole, Umoja, Dandora, and the likes.

These areas are nowhere near the Royal Media Services headquarters where the show is held. After the show ends, which is normally past midnight, the audience are dropped by at Ambassadeur in town then left to find their ways home.

The young girls who appear on the show mostly wear revealing clothes for the sake of the show. The young girls left at Ambassedeur will probably arrive home at around 1 or 2 am in the morning. For those who live in ghetto areas, the risks that are there at that time of the night are too many to mention.

Business Today also understands that sometimes alcohol is involved before the show. There are times when the show partners with some of the leading alcohol brands in the country for advertisements. The audience get a portion of the goodies before the show which might explain the energy they bring to the show.

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