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Developing Your Career in Blockchain Space

Careers in Blockchain: Blockchain might be a lucrative investment opportunity for millions of people across the world. But it is a booming sector for career opportunities for the right candidate. To start in this industry, one can opt for a career as a blockchain developer or expert. This industry-disrupting technology is known to simplify business opportunities by focusing on elements such as transparency, decentralization, security, immutability and privacy.

There is a high demand for Blockchain developers in the job market, and the salary ranges from $150,000 to $300,000. According to a report from Glassdoor, the average salary for a developer in this profession is 50,000 euros in the United Kingdom, and for China, it is approximate 4,00,000 in its local currency. This indicates the kind of demand that Blockchain professionals have in the market.

But not everyone is made for these opportunities, and one needs to have the relevant experience and expertise to enter stand out in this domain.


Blockchain Developer: This is the skill that is in high demand currently. Government institutes, enterprises, tech-giants, and even startups are seeking professionals that have relevant skills. A blockchain developer should know the technology associated with blockchain profoundly and can build applications around it for specific use-cases. In simple words, the developer should specialize in implementing and creating technical solutions with this revolutionary technology.

A proficient developer needs to have a strong knowledge of coins and platforms such as bitcoin and other types of coins such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, etc. He is also responsible for the evaluation of this technology and smart contract development. He also creates interactive designs for the front end, i.e., dApps that are decentralized applications, and supervises the complete stack that runs these apps, and becomes a bitcoin era.

Based on the complexity of this technology, it becomes important to have an adviser who is truly a specialist. An expert consultant can give critical guidance and advice in terms related to this technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. As businesses are implementing and adopting this technology of distributed ledger, they also check for legal expertise on what things they should consider while investing, to understand the implications of their activities, how to deal with their finances, etc.

Blockchain Architect: An architect gives end-to-end solutions to their customers by using this decentralized technology and helps in creating an overall engagement strategy of the blockchain ecosystem. He progressively makes important decisions with regards to operations, implementation, and maintenance which define a particular direction for the system and serves as a technical liaison between service engineers, customers, and support.

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For this position, one needs to have an understanding of the basics of Blockchain architecture, the tools needed, the process to create network nodes, and how to architect a custom decentralized solution.

Quality Engineer: This is the person responsible for the automation and testing and makes sure that all sections of your project are of high quality, and makes sure that app operations are run in perfection in the development environment of this technology. Apart from having in-depth technical knowledge, the person should have amazing communication skills to maintain great work relationships.

There are numerous other career options available in this industry. Other connected roles such as Crypto journalists, accountants, ICO advisors, analysts, and others can also be pursued. To enter this domain, one should take some well-known degrees online so that they have relevant skills and reach new heights in this industry.

Online Degree in Blockchain provides profound knowledge of this technology. It includes several practical-based sessions, and after completing this degree, one can get the required competence to make a good career in this sphere. The degree also provides the relevant skills to use the technology to improve business potential.

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An online degree in trading and cryptocurrency: this online program has the provision of effective and concise comprehension about trading and cryptocurrency. With this degree program, one learns about the industry requirements that are in demand and are needed to have a good command and excellence for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With this degree, one can get the opportunity to learn from the industry veterans. It includes subjects such as derivative trading, candlesticks, technical analysis, and best strategies for investment in the crypto market.

To move with the ever-evolving market of bitcoins, it is important to have the relevant skills and knowledge.

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