From left Parag Kauangal, sales manager-Canon Central and North Africa, Raul Jabat Canon Technical Operations Manager and Ameur Allag, Business Developer – Canon Central and North Africa during the East Africa Com technology exhibition at a Nairobi Hotel on Tuesday

Canon has launched two new high end cameras into the Kenyan market, 4 months after launching the EOSR series as the company seeks to capitalise on trends in the broadcast, film and digital industries.

The image solutions provider unveiled the Canon ME20F-SHN, a camera that can shoot in total darkness and the Canon XF705, a camera that broadcasters can use to stream an event live and broadcast it normally on television at the same time.

However special focus was on the Canon ME20F-SHN which Canon says the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) is using to spot poachers across the different national parks in the country at night.

Once the two cameras hit retail stores, Canon XF705 will retail at a recommended price of Ksh850,000 before VAT while the Canon ME20F-SHN will retail at Ksh2.5 million before VAT.

During the launch of the cameras, Canon’s technical operations manager Raul Jabat said that the camera is built to enable the person behind the lens focus on the subject from a kilometre away.

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“This camera (Canon ME20F-SHN) can be used by policemen to spot t*****s from a kilometre away,” said Mr Jabat “The KWS has already acquired this camera and they are using it to reduce poaching in Kenyan game parks,”

Features that the Canon ME20F-SHN boasts of include 4 million ISO which enables videographers to shoot in extreme low light, network capable of remote configuration and monitoring as well as surveillance applications.

The XF705 which shoots in 4K resolution is an all purpose camera that can be used by broadcasters, film makers and entertainment content producers such as music video cinematographers and vloggers.

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In December, the company launched the EOSR series as it sought to target its grip on the Kenyan market.

Canon’s Central and North Africa Sales Manager Parag Kauangal told Business Today that the product has been received well in the Kenyan market.

“Initial response has been great. The EOSR series market is gradually growing,” said Mr Kaungal.


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