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Improve Your Househelp’s Life With These 4 Tips

According to our survey, 95% of Kenyan domestic workers have cleaning as the primary role. But there’s also a good chance that they might be looking for another form of income. Speak to your domestic worker to see what she needs to progress her career. It may be a driver’s licence, so you could give lessons, or it could be sending her on a course in childcare, first-aid, or cooking.

Going Continental: Java Taps Ex-KFC Boss as CEO, to Lead Expansion

Cities eyed for new locations include Accra (Ghana), Lusaka (Zambia) and Lagos (Nigeria). Java already operates in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Locally, Java has remained competitive despite the entry of PE-backed players and international restaurant chains.

Coca-Cola offers 30 slots for blogging internship

Are you looking to improve your writing or blogging skills? The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) and Coca-Cola would like to work with you...

Rise of Workplace Husbands and Wives Shaking Up Offices

While the trend of having work-spouses is growing, majority of these relationships remain secret affairs.

You Can Turn that ‘Useless Degree’ into a Job Creation Tool

Why should one invest in a degree course costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and time for it to remain a decoration in the house?

Government interns to get allowance under new scheme

Public service internship will soon be advertised as part of reforms aimed at improving youth employability and stimulating entrepreneurship, breaking from the current situation...

NMG Kicks Out Senior Editors and Managers as it Shifts Gears

Reports reaching Business Today paint a ruthless restructuring that will leave Nation Centre numb for some time.

Using Translation to Seize Post-Pandemic Business Opportunities in Kenya

Kenya is rapidly increasing in popularity for direct foreign investment, use of a translation company focusing on localization can help to ensure your global success

Female BBC manager declines promotion over unequal pay

A BBC manager has told colleagues she turned down a promotion after finding out she would be paid £12,000 less than a man in...

27-year-old woman dies while running for police job

A lady died while participating in the police recruitment exercise in Webuye East, Bungoma County. Jenipher Wamocho, 27, from Lutacho village in Lugusi, collapsed while taking part...