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BBC set to hire more than 100 journalists

Currently, broadcaster employs more than 300 natives in the region compared to more than 200 in West Africa



BBC World Service is preparing to hire more than 100 staff members in the East African region by early next year, in one of its ambitious expansion plans.

This was announced during a career fair held in Nairobi this week where more than 400 practicing and aspiring media professionals took part.

According to trainers, who spoke to the attendees, the Kenyan and East African Bureau are set to expand to cover more localised stories in the local dialect including Swahili and the Somali language in Somalia.

Currently, BBC employs more than 300 natives in the East African region compared to more than 200 in the West African region, according to sources within the administration. If the projected 100 employees are brought on board, BBC will be competing with some local media houses in terms of employee numbers.

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Averagely, the leading Kenyan media companies employ around 1,000 people directly each, hence BBC will be almost halfway the number. Most media outlets employ far much below the number, with some employing as little as 20, despite the big number of professionals churned out the training colleges and universities in Kenya.

According to World Bank estimates, close to 800,000 youth, mostly from the numerous institutions of learning, enter the Kenyan job market annually. Out of this number, only about 70,000 may succeed in securing professional employment in the formal sector.

Media graduates may constitute 3-5% of the total population of graduates, meaning that at least 20,000 communication and media practitioners graduate every year.

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Going by the World Bank statistics, around 1,500-2,000 media practitioners are absorbed in the formal employment sector every year. This leaves at least 18,000 without formal employment in the sectors they majored in, hence some end up in other sectors or are completely unemployed.

This was reflected in the BBC Career Fair, where only 400 out of more than 2,000 applicants were shortlisted for the fair.

Most of the applicants were fresh graduates looking for employment with very few applicants looking for greener pastures.

According to experts, very few graduates have competent skills that may secure them employment in leading/competent employers, hence will walk a long way towards finding attractive employment. Others argue that the job market is flooded, hence fresh graduates should be taught self-help skills that can benefit them even without employment.

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Editor and writer at BUSINESS TODAY, Muli has a passion for human interest stories that have a big impact on economic development. He holds a BSc in Communication and Journalism from Moi University and has worked for various organisations including Kenya Television Service. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Five dream jobs for travel enthusiasts

From the bustling attractions in Nairobi, to the gorilla trekking adventures in Uganda/Rwanda, and to Notre-Dame de Paris, there is a lot to write about the destinations you visit



Cruising is something water lovers would want to try. Photo Credits


Man-working-while-traveling-150x150 Five dream jobs for travel enthusiasts

A man working while travelling. Photo Credit: Wayhome Studio

Is travel your everyday dose? Then, you must know that some jobs have a restricting nature that would restrain you from actively living that vacation dream life. Yet, there are others that will allow you to explore the world while working unrestricted by the office walls eight hours a day.

Jumia Travel has highlighted five  jobs that are perfect for travel enthusiasts without necessarily being minimalists:

1. Consultant

If you are an expert in your field of work, being a consultant rather than a full-time employee gives you the flexibility to be your own boss. It also enables one to have an extensive clientele, most of which require you to travel to on-site locations for physical consultations.

This helps you to visit different places and work from luxurious locations such as hotels and
beaches most often catered for by the company you are consulting for.

2. Pilot or Flight Attendant

There are those whose flying is the best part of their travel experiences. Stunning in those beautifully donned attires and well-placed smiles, being a flight attendant or the captain steering the airliner could give you a fulfilling thrill as you fly from one destination to another.

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These two jobs give you the opportunity to explore the world from high on the sky, and what other best way to live the travel dream? Often inconsistent working hours may however mean frequently being away from family and close friends.

3. Cruise Worker

Often associated with amorousness, cruising is something water lovers would want to try. Voyaging brings you as close to the sea world as possible, as you travel the different destinations and transits on the floating vessels.
Jobs on the cruise range from engineering, to attendants, deck jobs and entertainment among others.

4. Destination photographer

The greatest beauty of travel is being able to perfectly capture each moment for memories, and for presentation of the destination to the world. Whether for weddings, corporate or social events, or just destination photography, one can make money selling their high-quality images for different use to
different people.

Creating a photography website for display could attract advertisers thus bringing extra income to fund your travels.
5. Travel blogger/writer

From the bustling attractions in Nairobi, to the gorilla trekking adventures in Uganda/Rwanda, and to Notre-Dame de Paris, there is a lot to write about the destinations you visit. Join the club of travel bloggers and writers making a fortune sampling and telling the world of their escapades.

It is one of the most expressive ways to record your experiences, and in the tech era, you are sure to reach thousands, if not millions of readers online. The larger the travel record, the more the opportunities to also provide travel consultation and other travel related services; thus increasing your earnings and making the job even more exciting.

The list of the numerous jobs is endless, therefore these five are a simple guide to those wishing to venture into a more exciting career in line with their travel desires. To echo Hans Christian Andersen, “To travel is to live” – so go travel, go live your life.

Credit: Josephine Wawira

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Business News

Unsung heroes driving Kenya’s economy

He gets back to the house at 7pm. For all those hours of work in a day, on a good day he makes Ksh500 while on a bad day, he makes as little as Ksh150. Working everyday of the week except Saturday when he goes to church



Handcart-150x150 Unsung heroes driving Kenya's economy

He wakes up at 3am so as to make it to town by 4am.

Today, I got out to the streets of Nairobi. I wanted to interact with business in the lower side of the city. The forgotten side of the economy, the type of jobs where when a child becomes wayward, he is warned about what spending life there entails. You will hear a parent say to a kid: I want you to work hard in school, not waste my money and be someone who rides a cart in town.

Along Tom Mboya Street, I notice a guy sitting on a hand cart with his head cast to the ground. He is dressed for the job with a brown overall over a not so clean black T-shirt and green pants. I get to him, do some little introduction and he was open for a talk.

I notice the palms of his hands are black and they feel as hard even more than the sole of my feet. This is one Henry Nyabuti Ochoe. He is a hand cart operator, who plies his trade mostly on the CBD and country bus. He hails from Kisii, though at the moment he stays in Kaloleni. I think that explains the state of his hands.

Amid the loud hooting from passing buses from time to time, he tells me that in a typical day, he wakes up at 3am so as to make it to town by 4am. He has to arrive early to catch the buses coming from the countryside. He gets back to the house at 7pm.

For all those hours of work in a day, on a good day he makes Ksh500 while on a bad day, he makes as little as Ksh150. Working everyday of the week except Saturday when he goes to church. He is a staunch SDA and he can never miss church let alone working on Saturday. He is a religious man who believes in God and has hopes that He will lift him.

I ask him about his family life. Of which he says he has a family to fend for, people looking up to him as a father and the head of the house. He has an all grown son who is in Nairobi as well, working as a carpenter. The second born too has finished carpentry school. The third born daughter is in class eight and last born son in class three.

If you thought that the low in the society just give birth without planning, think again. You can notice the spacing.

What drives him? It is every other time that we hear that behind every successful man, there is a woman. I would authoritatively say that this guy is successful. Everybody has their own description of success, even at that point where he is, he deems himself successful, he doesn’t consider himself a failure in life like many would think of him when they see him at work. According to Henry, his supportive wife keeps her going.

They together work on construction projects at home. The wife took a loan of Ksh45,000 from Kenya Women Finance Trust which they helped each other clear. They are now planning to take a loan of Ksh120,000. I swear this guy is lucky. I think every man deserves such a woman. Someone who will believe in your dreams no matter how down you seem to be at the moment for the good of the coming days, which is only if they never will stop to dream. Someone who will see your vision and share it with you to that point you want to get.

How did he get to the work that he is taking now? He started his schooling just as a normal kid with hopes to grow up a big man in the society, who will have a good or rather a decent job if not a successful business. Then the dad being a drunkard, one day took one too many, got into a fight where he lost a hand. That is where shit started going down. He had to drop school because nobody would fend for them. Life got hard.

The only way they were even able to move to their home is when the sisters got married and they sold off the bride price. When he came of age he went to Trans Mara, where he was a charcoal dealer. He would burn charcoal and get 4000 shillings a day.

That is good money. It was only good till the 2007 post-election violence and he had to relocate home when the communities around got hostile. After some years at home he had to find a job to provide for the family. Going back to Trans Mara was out of question, the Maasais had got hostile and the fight for environment conservation is kept on meaning charcoal burning is outlawed. He decided to come to the big city with the knowledge that he would be working at construction sites, only to get here to be told that there is no opportunity. His contact person only directed him to carrying goods around; he worked till he acquired the hand cart.

He doesn’t partake of alcohol or any other drugs. He has seen every bad thing alcohol can do to a man. His woes in life have been brought to him by alcohol. It is like alcohol on a given day went to wherever his problems were taking an afternoon nap, disrupted them then hand carted to him when they were still having the fury of the lost sleep.

His dad losing the hands when drunk was the genesis of the fall of his life. He had an elder brother who after taking one too many rolls of weed went to the river and drowned. Experience is the best teacher and this guy really has learned from experience.

He still has dreams in life. In five years time he hopes that he would have gone back home, Migori, where they had relocated to, running a commercial shop with the wife. He also hopes that her young kids would be good in school, get educated till university and make it in life. I really don’t know if many of these guys who perform such jobs are such dreamers, but I would say that I am amazed and challenged at the same time.

His hope in life is anchored in the belief that God is the giver everything of and His time is the right time.


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Deadline extended: Why Kenyans are shunning IEBC jobs



IEBC is looking for people to working during the August general election.

The electoral body has extended application for election jobs for one more day after a low response rate by Kenyans. By Sunday, three days to the initial deadline, only 80,000 candidates had applied according to information provided by the IEBC through a tweet.

The now embattled IEBC had advertised more than 350,000 jobs in preparation for general elections slated for August 8th this year, but it seems people are giving the jobs a cold shoulder perhaps due to its low-pay or short-term nature of the jobs.

Presiding officers earn Ksh2,000 per day, deputy presiding officers Ksh1,800, Polling clerks Ksh1,000, logistics officers Ksh1,500, deputy returning officers Ksh3,000, support electoral trainers (SETs) Ksh2,000, ICT clerks Ksh1,500, while Ward Based Voter Educators earn Ksh1,500.

This is unusual in a country teeming with jobless youth, most of them degree and diploma holders looking for anything to do. Or possibly IEBC did not advertise long enough to reach more eligible candidates.

Among the positions advertised are polling/counting clerks (262,665 positions), Presiding and deputy presiding officers(91,032 positions), logistic officers(337 posts), Constituency ICT clerks(580 vacancies), Returning officers(290), Support Electoral Trainers-SETs (5,054 posts) and Ward Based Voter Educators (2900 posts).

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The successful candidates will take up 359,958 positions for various duties related to the general election across 45,000 polling stations in the country, which were increased from 31,000 polling stations ahead of the last elections in 2013.

The selected team will work for a period of between nine days and two months depending on the position, with clerical officers having the lowest work period.

The clock is ticking for IEBC who are facing disgruntled NASA over tender awards to Dubai firm Al Ghurair, which is linked to the first family. The Opposition accuses IEBC of a tainted tendering process.

The initial link provided was not working, prompting the IEBC IT team to create a new link for the application. Interested candidates can apply HERE before the grace period elapses.


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Only 80,000 apply for IEBC jobs as deadline nears



The polling clerks will work for nine days, earning Sh1,000 per day.

As the clock ticks for IEBC election jobs, only 80,890 applicants had submitted their details on the IEBC portal by yesterday, 11th June, with only four days to the the June 15th deadline. (see application details at the end)

The IEBC announced more than 350,000 job openings during this electioneering period but the initial link provided was not working, the most probable reason of the small number of applicants. Also Kenyans are known to be last-minute creatures.

Among the advertised positions include 91,032 presiding and deputy presiding officers and 262,665 polling clerks to man Kenya’s 45,516 polling stations.

The presiding officers and their deputies will be employed on a 13-day contract and be paid Sh2,000 and Sh1,800 per day, respectively.

The polling clerks will work for nine days, earning Sh1,000 per day. A presiding officer or a deputy must have a degree or diploma in any filed, be computer-literate, skilled in computation, and be a resident in the constituency or ward where they are applying.

Polling clerks must have scored an aggregate of C- and above in their KCSE, as well as be a resident of the constituency or ward where they are applying. Also being sought are 337 logistics officers, who will work for 30 days, earning Sh1,500 per day.

IEBC will also hire 290 deputy returning officers for Kenya’s 290 constituencies for 60 days, and they will earn Sh3,000 per day.

The commission is also seeking 5,054 support electoral trainers, who should be holders of a social science degree or diploma, and who will work for 15 days and earn Sh2,000 daily.

The body will hire 580 constituency ICT clerks, who should have a minimum of a diploma in IT, have an ICT certification with two years’ experience in a busy environment. The ICT clerks will be hired on a 30-day contract, earning Sh1,500 per day.

There will also be 2,900 ward-based educators, two for each of the country’s 1,450 wards.

They should have a minimum of a diploma in education or project management, three years’ experience in voter education, community mobilisation and social work in their target constituency, with “exceptional understanding of the socio-cultural, economic and political dynamics of the ward.”

Interested Kenyans have until June 15 to apply for the jobs here.



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