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Victor Adar is a Nairobi-based journalists. He also writes for the Nairobi Business Monthly, a monthly magazine based in Nairobi, Kenya. he writes a lot on enterprise, HR and technology. He can be reached at: [email protected]

Statistician turns to software platform to capture customers

It is not easy to save up money to start a business. Indeed, it can sometimes hurt to realise that it is lack of...

PR guru who quit top government job to run a startup

Ahmed Mohamed says as an entrepreneur in his kind of field, he has developed a thick skin especially when dealing with nasty clients

This couple moved from business to employment

Armed with two degrees and diplomas in education, Lydia Irungu and Joseph Watoro soon discovered that running a daycare centre was not kid's play

Multimillion Business Started With a Tip From Customer

Instead of sending cash for upkeep, my husband would send fabrics, which I would then sell and make more money

YouTube baker strikes it hot in the market

When she started, each day was a learning opportunity but now as a guru, she shares tips on what it takes to run a bakery business

Companies with most gender-balanced boards in Kenya

Of the 52 companies listed on the NSE that were analysed, a dozen had a representation of 33% of women on their boards

Interview: Raila Conspiracy author speaks on his love for books

There’s a lot of good things going for a young man who was once looked down upon after failing form four exams. Author of...

Monkey fashion house that caters exclusively to men wear

Ian Arunga has carried his primary school 'monkey' nickname and turned it into a successful business in men wear