Alfred Mutua’s Well-Oiled Machine Eyes State House in 2022 Mounting a serious presidential campaign costs billions of shillings but Mutua said he is prepared

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua speaking when he announced his 2022 presidential bid at his campaign headquarters in Mlolongo, Machakos County. Governor Mutua stated that he is offering Kenyans a fresh movement at a time many Kenyans are disillusioned with Kenya's politics.

It is official. Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has thrown his hat in the ring for the 2022 presidential election.

The Governor who will complete his second term as county chief in 2022 is seeking to be the “fresh” among the “dumb and dumber” and is presenting himself as the untainted leader who will unshackle Kenya from the den of poverty, tribal politics, corruption and stunted growth.

Regarding a big announcement such as this one, key questions arise while context is equally important.

Does the Governor have the financial muscle to compete with the mainstays in Kenyan politics? Who will be his running mate? What about his former Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka who has been the doyen of Ukambani politics for as far as the brain recollects and what is his vision that will set him apart well enough to appeal to an already disillusioned electorate?

Let’s take the clock back one hour before he made the official announcement on Sunday.

Governor Mutua’s 2022 Presidential Campaign Headquarters in Mlolongo, Machakos County is a beehive of activity, everything is well coordinated- pretty impressive for someone launching a presidential campaign. A simple pan across the logistics centre is hit with loads of purple and Mutua For President 2022 is the theme.


Resources are important, but what about the man himself? Where does he draw his inspiration? What does he believe in?

He tells the journalists covering the event that he is heavily influenced by the American style of politics that competes based on ideologies and is convinced that Kenya’s fortunes can be reversed from the current downward spiral that the country finds itself in.

When the moment of truth came, Mutua said, ” I, therefore, declare that in the general elections of 2022, I Alfred Ng’ang’a Mutua will vie to be the next President of the Republic of Kenya so as to return Kenya to the railway tracks of where we were meant to be after independence. I am ready to press that reboot button. I am ready to give Kenya that fair, organized, caring rich country of happy people,”

“Kenya needs a young, innovative, dynamic, mature leader. A person who understands the system but is not captive of the system,” said Governor Mutua.

2022 Strategy

Mutua is certainly positioning himself as the Kamba kingpin ahead of the 2022 election, ambitions that are unlikely to sit well with Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka but the former maintains that the time is ripe for new ideas and leadership.

“I respect the work those who have come before me have done but its time for a new vision, a new leader with new ideas. Kenyans want a doer. We are tired of government plans that never get implemented,” said Mutua.

While he remained tight-lipped on what his war chest for the State House bid is, Governor Mutua said that he has backing both locally and internationally- adequate to mount a serious countrywide campaign that will propel him to State House.

A proper presidential campaign could cost billions of shillings but Mutua insists he is well equipped for the task ahead.

Mutua also remained guarded on his choice of running mate stating that he would unveil them at the convenient time.


The Governor says if elected, he will create 5 million jobs in the first three years of his presidency.

He also stated that he will build roads and highways in all 290 constituencies, a point which he stressed by saying that the Machakos experience has taught him how to use resources efficiently.

“When you support me, you will be supporting someone who is tried and tested.I have been blessed to have both local and international experience and I understand the dynamics of governance and development. I know what works and what does not work in Kenya. I know how to change lives,” he stated.

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