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7 Luxury Hotels Owned by the Kenyatta Family

Business Today looks at seven luxury hotels owned by the Kenyatta family

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The Kenyatta Family has its hand in almost every major sector in Kenya’s economy. Their investments are spread across banking, dairy processing, insurance, media, real estate and agriculture among others.

One of the industries the family has invested heavily in is hospitality. The family, one of Kenya’s wealthiest, controls Heritage Hotels – a group of luxury hotels spread across the country.

Here, Business Today looks at seven luxury hotels owned by the Kenyatta family.

  1. Mara Explorer

Mara Explorer is a five-star tented camp facility located in the Maasai Mara. It currently costs over Ksh80,000 to spend a night at the luxury hotel.

Its location also promises visitors a great view of the wildlife in the Mara and the wildebeest migration.

2. Kipungani Explorer

The Kipungani Explorer is another in the Kenyattas’ ‘Explorer’ range. It is located on the island of Lamu.

Although currently closed for renovations, the Kipungani Explorer offers a luxurious experience – with  palm-thatched bandas between a mangrove-lined channel and the edge of a 12-kilometre white sandy beach.

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3. Great Rift Valley Lodge

The Great Rift Valley Lodge is located in the heart of Naivasha county, just 90 kilometres away from Nairobi. It comprises 21 twin and 9 double rooms, each with a private balcony, and promises great views of the Rift Valley.

In addition to animals such as zebras lurking within the compound, one can enjoy other activities including visits to Hells Gate or a round of golf.

4. Mara Intrepids

The Mara Intrepids is another of the family’s facilities located in the Maasai Mara. Located near the Talek River, it promises great views of the wildlife spread across the habitat.

The luxurious facility even includes its own airstrip just a 3-minute drive from the camp and 45 minutes flight from Nairobi.

5. Samburu Intrepids

Samburu Intrepids is a luxury camp located on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro river. It offers fully furnished, thatched-roof tents, an outdoor pool, guided safari drives and more.

Visitors have the choice of game viewing in either Samburu or Buffalo Springs Reserves.

6. Voyager Beach Resort

Voyager Beach Resort is a three-star facility in Mombasa County. Themed along the lines of a cruise ship, it promises a fun experience for families. It is one of the budget facilities in the Heritage portfolio.

It includes a watersports centre, four bars, three swimming pools and three specialized restaurants.
7. Voyager Ziwani
Voyager Ziwani is located in the Tsavo West National Park. It sits on a 30,000-acre private farm on a secluded dam on the Sante River. Voyager Ziwani promises a great view of Mount Kilimanjaro, and great views of wildlife in the Tsavo West National Park.


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  1. How much was a genuine investment from cash from sweat and blood? Investment from 70 years of looting is nothing to celebrate. It’s worth condemnation. When 90% of wealth belong to 10% of the population and 90% own 10%, the country is a man eat man society.

  2. All the wealth the Kenyatta family has, is acquired via fraudulent means like massive land grabbing, looting of state resources and unfair business practices. They’re just one very gluttonous, fraudulent and selfish family.

  3. I am one of most talented graphic and interior designer. I do 3d letter work designs, 3d epoxy flooring, tragic false ceilings ,spray paintings among others. If Kenyatta family can just recognise that and appreciate me as a Kenyan by giving me just a renovation, I am more than ready to be an ever living proudly kenyan

  4. 90% of Kenya’ns are languishing in poverty, while one family enjoys wealth which is founded on fraudulent activities Nkt đŸ˜ 

  5. Why do some of us blame these family for what they have? don’t you people know that God makes one rich and the other poor? blaming this family is blaming God.


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