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Banks Picked a Bad Flu From Covid-19 Economic Disruption

Despite the growth slowdown, the industry continued to withstand market shocks arising from the pandemic. The KBA report indicates that the sector’s outlook for the year 2021 is stable, supported by adequate capitalization and liquidity levels.

Odibets Comes To The Rescue Of Ailing Reggae DJ Lastborn

The Kenya reggae fraternity and betting firm Odibets, under its Odimtaani initiative, have come to the aid of ailing reggae disc-jockey, DJ Lastborn. Unknown to...

Future-Proof Data Centers Key to Africa’s Digital Transformation

More than 70% of companies in the region will shift to the cloud. This will only increase as more countries invest in better connectivity and infrastructure to manage data centre facilities.

Allianz: The Gulf of Guinea Remains the World’s Piracy Hotspot

Despite the devastating economic impact of Covid-19, the effect on maritime trade has been less than first feared. Global seaborne trade volumes are on course to surpass 2019 levels this year after declining slightly in 2020.

It’s Not Alright, Mr Ruto. What Happened To You Is Wrong!

There’s something certainly fishy about the DP’s dalliance with Museveni. But there’s also something seriously wrong when the counterattack is done to embarrass the second in command. It could be politics, yes, but let it done to the DP as it is done to the President. After all, they both own this Jubilee Government.

Skiza Tunes: Artists Dance to the Bank After Revenue Share Increase

Launched in 2009, the platform has over 9 million subscribers and allows Safaricom customers to set songs or customized messages to be played instead of standard call-waiting tones.

The 2021/22 Football Season on DStv And GOtv

The best football leagues in the world are back this August, as the world of champions, SuperSport, brings live action of the new season...

Top 7 Sports Movies and Documentaries to Watch on Showmax

The Weight of Gold is narrated by Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 28 medals. He opens up about his post-Olympics drunk driving arrests and his own battle with suicidal thoughts.

Peter Munga’s Multi-Billion Power Play That Stunned Africa

Painting Munga as an uncompromising businessman, the commission concluded: "Peter Munga was a business tycoon and all the Mauritian professionals involved put together were no match for him singly alone. He was able to dictate both time and terms, price and party."

Carol Radull Leaves Radio Africa, Mocks Her Job Saying She Is...

Insiders at Radio Africa have told Business Today that Ms Radull may have been among a number of employees whose contracts expired at the end of July but were not renewed. The company two years ago changed the terms of employment for majority of its staff from permanent to contracts, as away to deal ease out some of the highly paid employees.