These three Chinese nationals were among 15 arrested at a brothel in South C estate on suspicion of engaging in prostitution.

Fifteen Chinese nationals were on Wednesday a******d at a brothel in South C, Nairobi with immigration authorities saying they are believed to have been engaging in p**********n.

In a post on its Twitter handle, the Immigration department said they were being processed for deportation.

They were a****t in a j***t operation conducted by immigration officers and detectives from the Directorate of C******l Investigations.

“15 Chinese were a******d by Immigration officers @DCI_Kenya this morning in South C estate BROTHEL, it’s believed they have been engaging in P**********n. They are being processed for deportation,” the Immigration Department.

It is the first p**********n i******t involving Chinese nationals but shows a growing change of stance within government, which has for long allowed them to engage in all manner of activities in the country.

Recently, a Chinese national was deported after a video in which he insulted Kenyans, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, calling them monkeys went viral.

Although p**********n is not criminalised in the country, the Penal Code makes it i*****l to profit from the p**********n of others, and to aid, abet, compel or incite p**********n. This includes operating brothels. 

Last year, Nairobi Members of County Assembly passed a motion to ban p**********n in the capital though the same is yet to be enacted into law.

A Chinese road contractor He Zhifhang  was arraigned in court for allegedly operating an i*****l tea processing plant at a construction site without a licence from the Kenya Tea Board.

The government has been cracking down on foreign nationals residing or working in the country without requisite permits and Chinese nationals, including journalists, have not been spared in the exercise.

China has been Kenya’s foremost bilateral partner pumping billions of shillings into infrastructural projects in the country but recently cut funding for the second phase of the Standard Gauge Railway a move said to have ruffled feathers in official circles.

There have been previous reports that Chinese c******l networks, which have been linked to human t*********g, p**********n, loan-sharking, g******g, m****r and g*n s*******g have set up base in the country.




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