OLX and Facebook have struck a deal that will see the online classified platform allow buyers and sellers transact business through the social media site.

The partnership, available to Airtel subscribers only, will see OLX provide its services through Facebook’s internet.org app, the arm that allows users access to freebies and useful content without incurring data charges. “Facebook’s internet.org app is as revolutionary as OLX and this partnership is one of utmost importance to us. The internet has so much to offer and we believe that with the right tools and information we can revolutionize e-commerce in Africa,” noted OLX Country Manager, Mr Peter Ndiang’ui.

With statistics from Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) showing the number of internet subscribers to have grown by 13 per cent in 2014 to stand at around 13.1 million, OLX is planning to use the continued penetration of internet in the country to promote its services. OLX also announced that it has surpassed 200 million active monthly users worldwide with users generating more than 11 billion monthly page views, which translates to around 360 million page views each day.

“Our Kenyan site receives overwhelming visitors daily of which we are very proud to have achieved an amazing 98% brand awareness level in this market.” “Kenyans have readily accepted and adopted OLX as a means of trading. We have seen things like livestock, and foodstuff being traded via OLX. However, the top listed and searched for item on our site, still remains electronic goods,” he continued.

“Having services like OLX available within Facebook’s Internet.org app enables people to more easily share and connect with the community around them,” said Andrew Bocking, Product Manager of internet.org at Facebook.

“As we try to connect the billions of people without internet access today, we can make a big impact by providing locally relevant basic internet services free of charge.”

Earlier last month OLX launched Kaa Ridho (Slang for “Be Vigilant”) campaign to sensitize its users on online f***d and initiatives to tame the vice.

Airtel customers in Kenya can access the internet.org app through the Google Play Store or by visiting www.internet.org on a mobile browser.


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