The Glovo Prime interface as seen on a smartphone. Glovo Prime is the company's subscription service. The company plans to make it available to Kenyan users for free in December.

This December, users in Kenya have the opportunity to try the Glovo Prime service for free, which offers them unlimited deliveries for orders they place at selected restaurants and stores.

Glovo prime is a subscription service that enables users to pay a monthly fee and get unlimited free deliveries throughout the month.

The Glovo Prime service can be activated directly from the Glovo application. Glovo Prime section appears under the profile section of the customer account.

The subscription will be automatically renewed every 30 days from the day of registration. The card with which the subscription is paid can be changed and users can unsubscribe whenever they want.

Stores that are applicable for Glovo Prime have a purple Glovo icon highlighted. To subscribe for Glovo prime, the users will use their card but they can pay for their orders using other methods like cash on delivery.

Users who are not Glovo Prime subscribers can enjoy the benefits of this service throughout December, free of charge, and from January they will have the opportunity to extend the subscription for Ksh1,000 per month.

Delivery is free for orders placed in Supermarkets and Glovo Party, marked in the application with a purple Glovo icon if their value exceeds Ksh1,000.

“We want to provide Glovo users with solutions that are practical and that help them in their daily lives. That’s why this holiday season we want to give back to our users with the Glovo Prime service and offer them the opportunity to test the service for free,” said Priscilla Muhiu, General Manager, Glovo Kenya.

“This month of testing allows them to try the experience of ordering unlimited, without paying delivery fees,” she added.

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