Guide To Bitcoin Trading
One of the key things to consider while creating a cryptocurrency account is to use a safe and secured internet connection.

The thought of investing and trading in the stock market haunts most of us. The news of it horrifically going wrong or wreaking h***c is all over the newspapers. Many individuals are often misguided by average investors. They have either lost most of their value or have been captivated and eventually misled by promising huge rewards but never seeing even a little. These opinions or claims cannot be denied, yet they shouldn’t be the reason you enrolled in trading too. If you are planning to trade bitcoin, you may consider using a reputable trading platform like

There are inspiring stories like the Winklevoss twins who have become crypto billionaires by investing in bitcoin. So, with the correct knowledge, you can always try crypto trading.

How to trade in bitcoin?

Although investing and trading in bitcoin may seem difficult or too complicated, it is much simpler than it seems when broken into multiple steps. The only requirement before beginning trading or investing is an account or an exchange along with well-safeguarded storage. Along with these other requirements are personal identification documents for registration, an internet connection that is well-secured, and a mode of payment.

To begin trading bitcoin, there are many ways, among them using brokers. These are exchanges regulated and controlled by exchange companies or brokers and called centralized trading platforms. These are called “crypto brokers” who act as an intermediaries between the investor (the one purchasing ) and the person selling the cryptocurrency; this is basically like purchasing bitcoins from other owners. However, the necessity of a broker isn’t mandatory to trade in bitcoin and some direct trading platforms facilitate this too.

A few simple and easy steps to learn bitcoin trading through the centralized trading platform is as follows:

Step 1: Choose your cryptocurrency trading service platform

Choosing your cryptocurrency trading service platform is the first thing you have to do. These service platforms are very common service platforms. But, being common, it has a drawback too. Among so many options there is a chance to select the wrong one that can be proved to be a f***d.

So, you have to choose it wisely and after adequate research about some exchanges. While doing so, you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies, hold them, and sell them. One main thing to hold on to while creating a cryptocurrency account is to use a safe and secured internet connection.

Step 2: Connecting your chosen exchange to your payment option

Garnering your documents is the next step following choosing your exchange. Although bitcoin is legal in so many countries in the world, it is best recommended to check with the bank on its regulations to see if it permits deposits from your chosen exchange. Make sure also to be aware of the charges for deposits by your bank for different payment options so that you can choose an exchange or a payment option that best suits you.

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Apart from this, even exchanges charge fees for every transaction. Therefore, reviewing all the charges before picking your exchange and payment option is crucial. After getting all these cleared, link the bank account with the trading account and choose a payment option by which you will transfer money between those accounts.

Step 3: Placing an order 

Once you’ve chosen your exchange and payment option, you can buy bitcoin. For that, you have to put the buy order in two ways.

  • Market order: Here you will be buying cryptos at the current market bid price. The order will be executed at that moment as soon as possible but there is no guarantee of the buying price.
  • Limit order: Here you can set a minimum level or price. As the selected crypto’s price will touch the limit the order will be executed by the platform. Here some time may need to be given but you know how much price you will be buying the cryptos.

Step 4: Safe and secured storage 

Bitcoin functions as a storehouse for assets in digital formats. To avoid the risk of h*****g and loss of funds, you can store your crypto in digital crypto wallets outside of the exchange as it warrants that only you possess control over your funds. The most secure kind of wallet would be a cold storage wallet.


In addition to all the details about crypto trading, there are cryptocurrency trading, which, similar to robots, work as a representative of the investor or on behalf of an investor. It is deployed in automatic trading systems.

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