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Heritage Insurance will now Auto Correct your car with a ‘black box’

A new motor insurance technology that captures and processes driving data, thereby calculating the value of car insurance policy, has been launched in Kenya by Heritage Insurance. Known as Auto Correct, the new motor insurance solution uses the telematics motor insurance solution which functions on...

Insurers urged to digitise to increase penetration, end fraud

Former ICT Permanent Secretary Dr. Bitange Ndemo said collecting and digitising data will not only help in ending fraud but also help in the development and distribution of insurance products in the country

Why reporting, analysis are an important part of fleet management

Through monitoring driver behaviour, mileage, fuel usage, diagnostic, and other vehicle data, tracking systems assist in creating a fleet that is can be optimised at all times

Smartphones, State support driving telematics market growth

The technology involves long distance and real-time transmission of information relating to remote objects like vehicles via communication devices

The rising importance of telematics technology

The technology is capable of analysing the driving style and providing comprehensive feedback to both fleet managers and drivers in real-time

Telematics save costs for businesses

Telematics systems can help businesses optimise their fleet in a number of ways, with features ranging from basic route planning to monitoring driver behaviour, integrating with packaging and deliveries, maintenance scheduling and much more