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Tabitha Karanja Fights ‘State Capture’ in Ksh14.1B Battle

Explaining the background behind the Ksh14.1 billion tax battle, Keroche noted that it stemmed from a dispute over the calculation of excise tax on their Vienna Ice ready-to-drink vodka brand - which Keroche produces by diluting their Crescent Vodka brand with distilled water from their brewery source.

How Business Big Wigs Sailed Through in 2022 Elections

A new crop of business leaders and executives are set to occupy various elective seats across Kenya following the conclusion of the 2022 General Elections in Kenya. Business owners and executives among other professional figures were among candidates for seats in the Senate and National Assembly as well as Gubernatorial positions.

Reopen Keroche – Raila Backs Tabitha Karanja in KRA Battle

Karanja had linked Keroche's woes to her political bid. She described the payment plan sealed in March as unsustainable and claimed that they were under 'unbearable pressure at the time they agreed to it.

KRA Shuts Down Keroche Yet Again

She pleaded with the taxman for the operations at Keroche to be allowed to resume, warning of the potential job losses and the impact on livelihoods. The company had an estimated 800 employees.

Relief as Keroche, KRA Strike Deal

The taxman, who is demanding a total of Ksh22.79 Billion in unpaid taxes from Keroche, further noted that the new payment plan sets the stage for reopening of their Naivasha premises.

Inside KRA’s Eye-Popping Sh9B ‘Tax Error’ Haunting Keroche Breweries

So what has made the Keroche vs KRA tax disputes become almost toxic and a subject that has severely divided public opinion in Kenya?