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Willis Raburu’s New Path After Quitting Citizen TV

"I have done interviews with sitting Presidents, I have travelled and covered Kenya's maiden entry into war in Somalia, I've read the news, I've done different types of stories...I've done it all," he noted.

Why Citizen TV Still Pays Johnson Mwakazi Years After Anchor Left

Mwakazi continues to monetize his voice through the venture he established in 2013. He can still be heard on several Citizen TV promos and advertisements.

Yvonne Okwara: From Child TV Star to Bold Anchor

Unknown to many, the 39-year old anchor was making waves on television years before hitting legal age. Aged only 8, she started hosting a weekly children's show known as Children's Variety on the state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Jeff Koinange’s Little-Known Multi-Million Side-Hustle

Many Kenyans know Jeff Koinange as one of Kenya's most recognizable and well paid media personalities, but the Citizen TV talk-show host and news anchor is a man of many passions and talents.

Johnson Mwakazi: Where is RMS’ Golden Voice Now?

Nowadays, Mwakazi is the Director of The Royal Voice International, a multi-faceted media, PR and events company. Among other things, the firm produces adverts and documentaries in addition to offering voice over services.

Lulu Hassan: Newscaster With an Entrepreneurial Streak

The fanatical following that their shows have drawn, particularly Maria and Zora, exemplify their contribution to Kenya's TV industry and entertainment in general. To do it all while being known for something else entirely makes the feat even more impressive.