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CBK Takes a Bold Step To Save Kenyans From CRB Listing

The CBK suspension directive, issued today 8th November 2021, applies to loans below Ksh5 million that were performing previously, but have become non-performing from 1st October 2021.

Metropol TV: Terryanne Chebet led 24-hour business channel launched

Rarely do credit rating services providers decide to start TV stations, but that is exactly what Metropol Corporation did with the launch of Metropol TV. The channel, a 24-hour business content provider that has been on air since December 2018, was officially launched on March 26,...

Economy to grow by between 6.5% in 2019

Kenya's economy will grow by between 6.5% and 7% in 2019/20 driven by the increased number of megaprojects under execution, the early impact of the Big 4 in 2020, which will provide the economic growth momentum and good weather forecast for the long rains...