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Commūnist Party Deals NMS a Blów, Eyes 2022

The CPK currently has no elected representative but has been noticeably growing its presence ahead of the 2022 General Elections. They plan to field candidates for a number of parliamentary seats.

NMS Plots Ksh30M Upgrade of Construction Permit Portal

Users of the platform have on a number of occasions revealed that it remains exposed to loopholes it was meant to eliminate, with several complaints of demands by city officials for bribes in exchange for construction permits.

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Safaricom Reveals Strategic Secrets at Ethiopia Investor Day

Safaricom PLC on Saturday 22nd Feb 2023 held its second investor day in Addis Ababa, providing an opportunity for the investment community to gain insights into the company's achievements and future plans as well as see the progress so far in Ethiopia rollout.

Safaricom Investment Co-operative Pays Out Sh142.4 Million

Safaricom Investment Co-operative shareholders have approved a ksh142.4 million rebate payout during the 15th Annual General Meeting.

Firms Announce Merger Deal to Expand Services

Dalberg Implement, a leader in on-the-ground program implementation with vast expertise in strategy execution, and Axum, an Afrocentric impact firm dedicated to fostering inclusive growth across the Global South, have announced a merger.

Odibets Launches Mega Water Project In Makueni

Odi Mtaani Foundation by online betting company Odibets, in...