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KFC Fries Saga: 3 Counties Lined Up to Reap Big

"The government is fully committed to creating a conducive business environment by assisting and protecting foreign investors while at the same time looking out for Kenyan interests, in this case, job creation, the market for local produce, and value addition of agricultural products," Weru stated.

Potato Variety KFC Wants Kenyan Farmers to Plant, Process

While processing plants for frozen cut fries are few and far between in Kenya, they aren't entirely non-existent as reported by some outlets. 

No Fries as KFC Kenya’s Imported Potatoes Run Out

The fast-food chain attributed the situation to a shortage of potatoes following heavy consumption of fries from its outlets during the holiday season. It is currently offering alternative accompaniments with its chicken, including Kenyan staple Ugali.

Going Continental: Java Taps Ex-KFC Boss as CEO, to Lead Expansion

Cities eyed for new locations include Accra (Ghana), Lusaka (Zambia) and Lagos (Nigeria). Java already operates in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Locally, Java has remained competitive despite the entry of PE-backed players and international restaurant chains.