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Imperial Bank Set For Liquidation

"The report indicates that considering the weak status of IBLIR's financial position, liquidation is the only feasible option," CBK noted.

Hunt On For Defunct Imperial Bank Directors

The CMA has received the greenlight to investigate Imperial Bank directors. If they are found culpable they will be barred from holding similar positions in listed companies

KCB Pays Out 93% of Imperial Bank Deposits

The Imperial Bank depositors were to be paid out in four disbursements.The first eighth was to be paid once KCB took over the collapsed bank's assets and liabilities

KCB to pay ten shillings to acquire Imperial Bank

KCB Group, Kenya’s largest bank by assets, will pay only Ksh10 to take over Imperial Bank, which was shut down four years ago due to insider fraud that threatened its stability.  The bank will take over five of its branches. For that price, KCB will...

How KCB plans to repay Imperial Bank depositors’ money

KCB Bank has submitted a Final Offer to the Central Bank of Kenya and Kenya Depositors Insurance Corporation (KDIC) as it gears up to buy Imperial Bank Ltd, which is presently in liquidation. CBK and KDIC had in December last year announced a release of...

Imperial Bank depositors get access to their funds

KCB Bank Kenya Limited, which is disbursing the money, however, says it is not acquiring IBLR and is in discussions with CBK and KDIC for the speedy resolution of the issue